The Susceptibility Quiz

If you haven’t taken The Susceptibility Quiz regarding food, stop what you’re doing! Take it right now and find out how YOU relate to food.

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  1. judi terpercaya

    I am actually grateful to the owner of this website who has shared this wonderful piece of writing at here.

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  2. Randy Zeitman

    Did the quiz change?
    I was told it would tell me about sensitivities to different foods.
    Given the questions, about frequency and severity of course it was going to be a high number.
    (Would anyone who comes to this site score low?)
    My point, question?, is was I supposed to learn something from it other than the video at the end?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Randy! The Susceptibility Quiz tells you where you fall in regards to food addiction, it does not test for sensitivity to foods. There are some in Bright Line Eating who fall lower on the susceptibility scale. 😉

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  3. Sarah

    Quiz link times out. Is there another link or glitch?

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  4. Shelley Schwartz

    How long will it take till the cravings stop?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Great question Shelley! That can really vary from person to person. Some find the cravings go away within a day or two, others battle them much longer. Hang in there, friend! <3

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  5. Terrie C Spearman

    Something is wrong with the quiz. Unable to access

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  6. Richard

    I cannot access the quiz even trying multiple different approaches. Is there a secret. Password?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Richard! So sorry you ran into trouble! Hopefully you were able to get it to work. We did have a glitch awhile back. It is working now.

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  7. Jennie McCluskey

    Definitely I am a 7. I have quizzed 7 repeatedly at different times. I have even tried to get a different result and still get a 7….hahahaha!

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  8. jeanne

    Quiz doesn’t link up. Al I where to send results, first name and email address. HeLp

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  9. Rebecca Watson

    I’m retaking the test. I’ve been on BLE since January 22nd and have lost 12 lb in 7 weeks.

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  10. Delta

    Every attempt to take the susceptibility quiz ( on different devices – phone, iPad, desktop) is unsuccessful. After verifying that I am, indeed, not a robot, I receive “Error 640” instead of the quiz. I can probably guess where I fall on the susceptibility scale but it would’ve been nice to take the quiz and find out for sure. I’m hoping it’s just a temporary glitch, so I will try again later in the week. I just thought you might like to know that the quiz is currently not working properly. Despite the quiz issue, I am enjoying the book! Thank you for compiling and presenting your research and a collection of reputable scientific studies in such a palatable, easy to understand format! Having a basic understanding of addiction, already, this information just make sense and validates my hunch that I was already on the right track with my gluten and sugar free lifestyle! Now, to convince my husband….

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Delta, We did indeed have a glitch. The Quiz should be working now; give it another try and if you have trouble, please go to and scroll down to banner that says “Click Here for More Help” and submit a ticket so our tech team knows what is happening and can send you a good link to use, ok? Thanks for letting us know and for your patience! Technology is great, when it works! oxo

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  11. Anna

    Hi – Am enjoying watching all your vlogs (starting with the first one!) and would love to take the susceptibility quiz. However, I get an error message which says my connection is not private, and I cannot take the quiz on any of my devices. Any idea why – and do you have an alternate link I can try?

    Thank you!

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  12. sue woudberg

    So glad I came across your name. I cannot do the test keeps coming up with boot camp info. I know I would be in the higher scale as all the triggers are there. Trying to find your three lecturers. My weight has been an issue for 55 years so totally relate to my sugar addiction. Find it very diificult to break as you have to eat but you do not have to smoke or drinkl. Know I am making excuses sue

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  13. Jill


    My friend told me there was a really cool quiz at your website – the susceptibility-quiz?

    Where could I take it?? I have an issue with my weight. I also run a small business for vintage books so might be able to use a cool software if this is how you did it.


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  14. Bronwyn Seal

    Susan, My doctor gave this website address so that I could take your susceptibility quiz. When I clicked on the button, I was taken to another page about signing up for boot camp (which is sold out!). I tried several times to get to the susceptibility page, but just couldn’t do it. Please help. Thanks, Bronwyn

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  15. Anne

    I thought one of your VLOG’s said the susceptibility survey would always be available to take. I may be mistaken. When I tried to take the survey, it says boot camp registration is closed. Is registering for boot camp the only way to take the quiz?? I just started following the VLOG’s so I’m not sure what boot camp is all about.

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    1. Angela

      Hi Susan, I have been reading and watching your videos this past week and am enjoying what you are presenting. I too have not been able to take the susceptibility scale test, and would really like to do that, so I have the same question as Anne, above. I would like to know more about the boot camp too as I feel ready to put my best foot forward!
      Thanx so much for what you are doing for the greater good.

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      1. Jana

        I recently listened to Susan talk on a podcast and was moved to tears because I have felt so much failure on diets. People talk about moderation or accepting a “cheat” meal and these do not work for me and it causes me to spiral down to ‘cheat weeks” and so on.

        I was not able to take the quiz would like to confirm that I am addicted to food and need to try something different in order to get back control of my life.

        Thank you for creating this platform and helping change the lives of so many people!

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  16. Kari

    When I click the link to take the quiz, why does it take me to a page saying Bright Line bootcamp registration is closed?

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  17. Cissy

    Although, I didn’t even have to take the quiz to know what my score was, I did it & my score is what I expected.

    I immediately watched all 3 video’s as I finished cleaning.

    I am not considered obese (anymore) as I have been trying to figure out what works for me since 2009. Needless to say, it has been a very long 6 years. Gluten Free, Meat Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Chocolate Free lead me to actually FOOD FREE. Then my husband jumped on board & he could make all of the grain/sugar free dishes that would satisfy anyone! He lost 35 pounds in 2 months & there I sat with losing nothing.

    So, here I am again, currently on a 20 pounds in 30 days challenge of no grains, no sugar. I am on week 4 & have failed miserably. Did great the first week & half.

    I am absolutely 100% completely addicted to sugar. There is no mistake.

    I am looking forward to learning much more on how to train my brain to just stop this nonsense that I know is hurting me. 🙁

    Tonight I had a great grain free/sugar free dinner at 6:30 and I am determined not to be tempted to eat at all before retiring for the evening!

    Thank you!

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  18. Mariah

    Hello Susan,

    First of all, I want to tell you thank you for creating all of this content. I can see you’re passionate about helping others find food freedom which is awesome. I’ll admit that listening to your videos is a bit interesting just because a lot of what you say conflicts with what I have always heard. So much of it makes sense, but it’s very intriguing and I am enjoying this series. However, I would like you to know that in your first video when you referenced a conference you attended, you quoted a man’s profane language. Personally, I find this type of language extremely offensive and most of the time I will discontinue watching, reading, listening, etc… when it comes up. I decided to give your video a second chance and hoped you would not swear again. I was grateful that video 2 didn’t contain any improper language. I think you have very valuable information to share and would hate to see you lose viewers because of unnecessary language. I know many people who feel strongly about profanity, and find it unprofessional and offensive. I hope you understand where I’m coming from and this might be some useful insight. Thanks again and God bless!

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  19. Dacie

    I took the quiz and thought the first two videos were so informational! It makes so much sense to me. I was wondering where the 3rd video is. Also, where do I find information on the eating plan?

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  20. Ailis

    Hi Susan,
    I really liked your vlog. The quiz would be really useful for me to use with clients of mine – is it available for general use and if so where can I access the instrument and scoring. Many thanks

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  21. Jacqueline Mathews

    Thank you for test results! I already knew I would fall on the highest end, but it is so wonderful to know I’m not crazy and there is a reasonable solution. Thank you!!

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  22. Marianne Marsh

    Thank you Susan! I think this will help a lot of people realize that they’re not just crazy if they can’t control their food. It’s such a simple tool to show they have a SUSCEPTIBILITY, not a moral failing.

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  23. Lynda Hahn

    i have a question Susan with regards to my Suscepibilty Scale number, which was an 8 after the test..
    My question to you is this; you say to go back to a time when your cravings and eating were at its worse and use a 3 month time frame.
    Well yes, during any given period of time my eating it would have been like that, and my ballooning weight is proof. However, since Becoming WFPB In May 2014 I have not eaten that way. But sure prior to that I would eat an entire baguette!! With PB on it. So does that mean it is still the same, and will forever remain so, have I not conquered that in the months that I have put into BLE?
    So what do I use? What really am I? I think of myself now as low on the scale! should I always consider myself at a much higher number, will I never truly conquer it? I am confused. Thanks Susan for all you have done for everyone.

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    1. Lynda Hahn

      Oh I’m sorry Susan, I did mean to add to the above question, that I started Bright Line Eating March 1st, and to date on this program have lost over 80lbs. So does the number remain at 8? Or will I ever reduce that?
      Thanks again, and again.

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  24. Judi

    I was an FA member in 2002, lost 50 lbs in six months but left the program as it’s rigidity was driving me crazy. I regained the weight for several reasons. I learned a lot from the food addicts program that I continue to use today. But I still struggle. Your scientific explanation makes sense. Thank you. It was the missing piece that I need. Now I can expect a slim free future without the craziness.

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  25. Yoly

    The quiz results were spot-on and the information provided in the results email was so helpful. Now I’m going to watch Food Freedom video #1!

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  26. Francine Posa

    Found it duhhhh thx…………..I will review the videos again to get me straight up on the rails…..knee surgery and pain meds are killing my system and I believe my leptin and brain “sensors”

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  27. Francine Posa

    I took the quiz 2X cannot get results (tht I am sure is a 10) 🙂

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  28. David

    You and your team are so tremendously AWESOME!!!!! “Code Breakers”/finally breaking the code of why virtually all of us gain unwanted poundage, how/why it is tough to take it off/and maintain that. SO SO SO needed today/and around the world. Note in Chicago Tribune this week: “Obesity rates maintain thiere high level of 30% in 22 states/mostly in the South and Midwest; some increases in KS/MN/OH/NM/UT!!!” It continues unabated. You see in the ads every day/and new drugs to combat higher blood pressure/diabetes on their websites/in turn/the recipes of gustatorial disaster that they recommend!!!!! The ads…..subway/have it your way with fresh bread/fresh savory meats/melty cheese; Arby’s with “We have the meats/2 for $6; Wendy’s Pulled Pork/and Pulled Pork Fries; Subway: Students get a 10% discount!!!!! And I see many, MANY 300-400 pound people each and every day on the CTA train in Chicago. It pains me to see it among the VERY highly educated and those not so much. As Dr. Klaper says: “Eat food as plants/not from a plant!!!” “Eat only foods with fiber!!!” Or as Jack LaLanne said so very well: “If Man made it, don’t eat it!!!!” Man, MANY thanks once again to you and your magnificent team!!!!! I feel truly, TRULY blessed, that I am among those 1%/of 1% who have lost the weight and maintained it; Celebrating 50 years of running/my father got me started officially “then”/and on nutition; I have discovered much in the past few years/and have never run nor felt better; am so excited about the future, as I know it will be wonderful.Whole Foods/Plant Based/ala your firend and mine, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and T. Colin Campbell, and Dr. Neal Barnard. Signed, Nutritarian, and Happy Thin and Free.

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  29. Emily

    Just yesterday I was searching the web for your Susceptibility Scale, so this vlog is timely. My score is right where I thought it would be and seeing it in black and white makes a concrete impression – I can’t continue to pretend that I’m not totally seduced by sugar & flour. I’m beginning to think of them – sugar & flour – as a couple of wild and crazy ‘friends’ who are loads of fun to be around, but who are also BIG TROUBLE: the only way to deal with them is to completely sever the relationship!

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    1. Stacey

      Trying to take the quiz but every time I click on the link it takes me to a web page that says the boot camp is closed. I just want to take the quiz at this point. Help?? Thank you!

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      1. Laura

        Link does not work and I would like to take this quiz. Thanks!

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        1. Isabella Baldraco

          I can’t get to the quiz either.

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          1. David

            I can’t get it to fully load

          2. Shanda

            My Kaspersky anti-virus program says it’s an untrusted site, that the site in not configured properly, or something to that effect. I’m afraid to ignore the warning and advance to the quiz.

          3. Prudence Anderling

            Page pops up that says site is not secure and hacking is possible, must “exit to safety”. Disappointed, because I really want to take the quiz.

  30. Linden Morris Delrio

    Love this! So great to have a rock solid indicator directing me towards the types and quantities of foods that will work best for me! What a tool! A beacon in the night!

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