The Easiest Thing To Eat

What’s the easiest thing to eat when you do Bright Line Eating™ and you’re at a party? The answer might surprise you.


  1. Jennifer

    Love this video and these points!

    This is one of the many wonderful benefits of practicing Intermittent Fasting – you learn that you can go without food at times and you will NOT die! This is especially helpful when traveling (airport, etc).

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  2. Yvonne

    This is a huge struggle for me. What do you do or how do handle it when its a gathering and everyone is sitting together eating, such as a wedding? I always feel “weird” at these moments and find myself staying in bathroom till it’s over or just avoiding these events period. Which then brings even more attention to the fact I didn’t eat 🙁 or just anti-social. Some wisdom and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. Jakki Crosser

    Susan, OMG! I remember watching Garfield cartoons when I was little, and there was an episode about meals being in pill form (maybe it was based on that movie you mentioned). Anyway, I distinctly remember this because even at that young age, I REMEMBER thinking that I wish I could just have those capsules and not worry about food. I struggled with food and weight my whole life, phew…. Now I KNOW I’m in the right place!

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  4. Red

    My most fragile moments are at these kinds of events. Eating nothing almost seems like a bright line for them. The other thing that derails me is a wildly unpredictable schedule. I can go to all the trouble of planning my meals – and even having them ready, only to be pulled offline by some event or people – with no access to the foods I wanted to eat. I have actually taken to bringing my lunch bag to restaurants …why? Because I don’t want Pizza, Wings, or Onion Blossoms for heaven’s sake!!! I’ve been criticized for this – by people with a deep fried fish fillet in one hand and a beer in the other.

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  5. Janice

    Love this Blog! Nothing is definitely something I need to start doing!

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  6. Ralph

    Great message, i agree nothing is the best option for me

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  7. Lynda Hahn

    Totally agree with you Susan. Just eat nothing, my mantra!
    I have done this many times since starting BLE March 1st. It works….although others seem to think you are crazy, and feel they could never do this, so how can “you” !
    Great blog, thanks.

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  8. Christine

    So true!! Painfully so at times. Hunger is easier to deal with than choosing the right food at times. Once the first bite is on the lips, it’s difficult to make the right choice if it’s not a meal you made or planned in advance.

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  9. Mark Zunic

    You are helping me so much….Thank you Thank you!! Bright line concept pops into my head all the time and I find myself whispering “no sugar no flour” at odd times. Great vlog! Eating nothing when surrounded by food sounds difficult, but is refreshingly empowering!

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  10. deborah

    Dare I say it but “food for thought”

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  11. Barb Conte

    Wonderful message! I did exactly that today – I actually met a fellow BLEer out at a restaurant and ordered water and a cup of black coffee. It was almost lunchtime, and she and the other two people who joined us had lunch there. I had not planned on having lunch there because I had my food prepared back in my office. So – I ate nothing! I didn’t even realize that I did that until seeing your blog tonight :). Simple and sweet! xo

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  12. Joseph Fleischman

    Excellent blog today Susan! I completely relate to it. Similarly, I know what I don’t eat, and I stick to it almost all of the time. I’m lucky because I’m probably only a 4 on the susceptibility scale. Maybe even a 3. But I’m still challenged, and it helps so much to know what I don’t eat, because it helps define me (“I’m a person who doesn’t eat that”). For instance, when I’m out and about, say at the farmer’s market, and the delicious prepared foods are staring me in the face, perhaps it’s BBQ ribs or a cheese dish or a lovely slice of apple pie, I see it and dismiss it immediately. No muss no fuss, because I don’t eat that, that’s who I am. End of discussion. It makes my life much easier.
    Joseph in Missoula

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  13. JC Costa

    Hi Susan.

    First of all I really want to thank you for such free and relevant information about losing weight. Sorry about my english, I´m speaking from Brazil and I have some difficulties in english language, but I try to understanding and I think I understand most. I’m really impressed about your orientation in just eat 3 meals a day, I’ve started and I’m feeling very well. Thanks again Susan.

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  14. Karen

    This isn’t particular to this vlog, but I wanted to share some info. I went to my dr yesterday. She was AMAZED at my transformation and had a hard time believing that I only started in February 2015. She wanted to know exactly what I was doing and how I was doing it. She wrote everything down, even. Doctors get so little nutrition education, generally. She told me to keep up the good work and reiterated how impressed she was with what I had accomplished. Thanks, Susan!

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  15. Julia

    Great one, Susan! Since doing Bright Line Boot Camp, I’ve learned to say to look at food at events and think, “that is not for me… that’s not food to me.” Lately, when my sabateur has begun to say things like “just one bite?”… I use the same sentence, but direct it at my inner thoughts… “those thoughts are not for me…” and so I don’t even follow the thought-train long enough to argue.

    You’ve been so inspirational! I’m down 27 pounds and my blood sugar level is out of pre-diabetes and into normal range… blood pressure lower… and it’s really not that hard fighting cravings since I don’t have sugar or floor or alcohol in my system confusing my brain!

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  16. Everett

    I was also laughing at the soylent green reference. At the end of the movie you find out Soylent green is the remains of all the people who mysteriously disappear. Great video! I’m really enjoying this format.

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  17. Emily

    I never realized that eating nothing at a social gathering was even an option. Thanks for the mind-widening idea.

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  18. Mary Jeane

    Yes, be careful what you wish for, and what you do NOT wish for is to have soylent green to eat. When you said that I whooped right out loud with laughter as the surprise ending was if I recall, the eating of old people and calling it soylent green.

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  19. Nancy Standley

    While drinking coffee with the ladies after swimming at the Y, I often joke, ” I have to hurry home and eat breakfast before I go to lunch.” Twice a month, I eat with a group at a restaurant which really has nothing I want to eat. I eat my big breakfast at home, and show up for lunch not hungry. I can eat a cup of their chili, and people don’t notice I’m not actually participating in the meal at hand.

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  20. Patricia Smith

    What a timely blog for me. I have been negotiating events sometimes eating my meal prior to or after because I agree – at times nothing is the better choice – pass the water please…… I am invited to a get-away that will involve 1 day of bus travel on either end, a birthday party and a touring around day. I decided rather than spin the food dial I am simply taking all my meals with me ready to roll…now I don’t have to worry about it. Thanks for this post.

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  21. Linden Morris Delrio

    Ha! Love this! Taming that tiger one “nothing” moment at a time!!! 🙂

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  22. Dalia

    Charelton Heston running through streat frantically saying, ” Solent Green is people! Its People!!” Is only funny when late SNL performer did it. But he enacted 3 versions of Solent Green, including a ” Solent Blue”.

    A friend wanted to go local Juice Bar. I lookes at their colorful Chalk Written Menu Board; it read: Soy-lent Green ( to advertise a green veggie drink with soy”. Found it Funny & too surgery for me as a juiced vegetable drink. Migh work for K. Karr but not my digestion.

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  23. Dalia

    Eat “Nothig” has been a welcome & has its unwelcome points: to avoid what has a Bright Line on it or need to get to grocery store!!

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  24. Al Davis

    Hey, Susan–great video, and I was about to comment about the contents of Soylent Green, but I see Bill beat me to it already! I use the same “just say no” strategy, but I’ve found that eating something ahead of time helps the decision making process a lot. I realize this doesn’t jive with your program, but it definitely works for me. Keep up the good work!
    Al Davis
    PLF grad

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  25. Donnella

    How timely as we move into Fall with all the holiday get-together on the horizon. Thank you Susan.

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  26. Mark

    It’s Soylent Green. In the movie of the same name, this was a food powder that contained human protein. Soylent came in different colors and was the main food consumed by people as civilization was outstripping its resources. It was generic nutrition and was not very palatable. People were not aware that they were being fed the protein of deceased humans. That was the surprising ending.

    The cultural reference Soylent Green applies to two things. First is the shocking concept of mass cannibalization that was completely hidden during manufacturing. Second is the idea of eating monotonous chow for survival, like dogs eat Purina. Susan certainly was using the latter.

    And I agree, this is a good blog entry. Thanks.

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  27. Stefi

    You look very nice Susan! I agree- nothing.
    I too am high on the susceptibility scale.
    I’m sure I’d have to drink half the water you mentioned the party had just to be able to mingle if it was close to my dinner time.
    A pill with real veggies would be great for all the family around me who don’t want to listen for their health & for me when I’m lazy.

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  28. Kathie

    Thank you for another blog that really hits home for me. I’ve prided myself on making my home “fool proof” with a motto that my husband and I repeat often when shopping … “If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it”. But the minute we step out the door into the “real” world, eating correctly becomes a much bigger challenge. Your Bright Line Eating concepts have really helped us to walk right past the movie concession stand with our other mantra “We don’t smoke.” meaning “we don’t eat that stuff any more”. Now we can add this once frightening concept to our lifestyle … “It’s okay to eat nothing.” We’ve been concentrating on not snacking and the 3 meals a day regiment has given us even more freedom over food. Thank you so much for your time and effort on all of our behalf.

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  29. Bill Mayer

    One little problem that makes the mention of silent green awkward – silent green was human remains. Not a very attractive item.
    Other than that, a good entry, but not an easy one to follow if you’re hungry, for whatever reason.

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    1. Lynda Hahn

      It’s actually Soylent Green. I remember that movie well, scared the heck out of me, and still remains in my memory!!

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