Why People Regain Their Weight

Weight loss is hard, but what’s harder is keeping it off. Almost everyone who loses a significant amount of weight gains it back in the years that follow.


  1. Terri

    Thank you for leaving your videos accessible for those of us just now finding you. Today THIS vlog saved me from the first step back into the food insanity. Your honesty and candor helped me face myself with the same truthfulness and make a better choice. Blessings to you and your family in the same measure you bless us!!!

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  2. Ajji

    I am not high on the susceptibility scale; I am a 4. Nor have I ever had much of a weight issue. I had 7-8 pounds to lose and shed them easily in a few weeks. (I am small, so the weight-loss plan took a bit longer.) Yet I find that leaving the bright lines leads me to food thoughts quickly. Picking up the control, juggling here to that there, hopping on the scale more often, and finding food back in my head are evidences of the loss of freedom. No transient, sensual, masquerading pleasure is worth it to me. That is well-proven.

    I turned to the science of food in college. I became macrobiotic, then vegetarian, vegetarian with fish, a follower of Lappé’s book Diet for a Small Planet (higher protein content with balanced amino acids,) Pritikin’s low-fat advocacy, Bailey’s target diet—-out would go these foods, in with the others. And with self-restraint, the weight didn’t really come on. But, boy, was I into the food. But NEVER have I felt this healthy, had this much mental sobriety and steady energy, or detachment. What a blessed relief!! I am Susan’t mother.

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  3. Robert Vincelette

    It is easier to abstain completely from the likes of Kellogg, soda, Kraft, Nestle, Doritos, etc. You can always replace them with foods from a health food store that you will find taste better and it will be easier. We are all thankful for sharing your experiences with us.

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  4. Linden Morris Delrio

    I can attest to the experience of my perfect Bright Line Eating meals feeling like puppies and kittens, sunshine and fresh ocean breeze and so much more, most days! Incredible Freedom!

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  5. Maria Swap

    You are so well spoken and your content is excellent that watching this video was really enjoyable and informative. Thank you for doing this vlog!

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  6. Penny Gage

    I’ve just returned from vacation with family and learned an invaluable lesson! I can not make even one exception. I experienced exactly what Susan related and it happened pretty quickly. Over a matter of days my thoughts turned to what I was going to eat next! I’m committed to a long life living happy,thin and free within my bright lines.

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  7. Dolores Storness-Bliss

    Thank you Susan for another great video. I started BLE June 2 and have been cruising along losing weight with very little problems. I have been really busy setting up my online business so haven’t been able to be on the coaching calls or watch the videos in the modules but I have been doing fine so I wasn’t worried. Then we had a family reunion and I consciously made the decision to relax a little. This decision was made because my kids were saying I shouldn’t lose any more weight (I have lost 24 lbs and want to lose another 20-30) because I’m looking too old (I am 65 and I do look older) and I was being offensive (just thriled) by talking about what I am doing. I ended up gaining back about 3 lbs over the 10 days. That wasn’t so bad because I got back on BLE and have lost it all again. However, now I am battling the desire to snack and nibble which I had pretty much overcome and am being a little careless about weighing and writing down my food. I am now making an effort to watch the videos and write down my food and weight properly. I know this could all very easily go south if I don’t discipline myself and recommit to the plan. Thank you so much for your direct and thoughtful answers. I really do appreciate your openness about your own struggle. Listening to you has helped me refocus and get back on track. I’ve really learned that stress is what makes me want to snack.

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  8. Stephanie Forest

    Wonderfully put, Susan! I have been noticing that some people dear to me seem unaware of the need to address this critical issue for ourselves, in order to avoid creating new suffering. Thank you to you and also the person who brought up this important question:)

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  9. Karen

    I know this to be true! I’ve lost this weight so many times. I’ve not kept it off because I’ve subscribed to the idea of moderation. I’m convinced that most people who lose the weight don’t keep the weight off because of this, too. It’s not about the weight! If the excitement of getting to goal weight was enough to keep us there, I would have never gained the weight back the first time I lost it. The focus must be on the behavior to keep us going. Getting to goal is the easy part. Staying there is more of a challenge!

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