Fat Clothes

As you’re losing your weight, and after you get down to goal weight, what do you do with all those fat clothes? Give them away? Keep them just in case?


  1. Eve

    Susan it took me 6 weeks to listen to this because the topic scared me so much – seemed to encompass jinxing myself, gaining back weight, not continuing to lose, the shopping addiction – the whole ball of deep seated fears ! Thank you for such a practical down to earth approach!
    Just do what feels best. My eating controls my weight not bags of clothes in a closet. Save the things I love, give the others to people who need them. Thank you!

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  2. Laura Childs

    Awesome advice! When I lost 50 pounds at 50 years of age I moved into my 20 year old daughter’s wardrobe. She also lost 50 pounds so it was all on her to buy the new wardrobe, poor girl! (I helped her finance that adventure a little.)

    I tossed all of my old clothes (nothing worth donating) except for one pair of pants and a blouse. These stay in a bag on the floor of my closet. Every now and then I try that outfit on. This may sound silly but there have been times over the last few years when I feel as though I am the ‘same large and unhealthy me’ (we only recently added full length mirrors to our house). Putting those clothes back on was the only way to truly ‘feel’ the 30% weight loss.

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  3. Marianne Marsh

    Before I started Bright Line Eating, unlike Susan I didn’t have a closet full of clothes in varying sizes. Instead, I had a closet full of clothes that were probably a size or two smaller than what would have been comfortable, and I squeezed myself into them every day. Either that or I had big flowy clothes that hid my fat. Every day when I faced my closet, it was both physically and emotionally painful. I never knew if anything was going to fit me.

    I had tried a lot of “diets” and never had much success, for about 40 years. I was never able to part with clothes. But when I started BLE and the weight started melting off, I felt so confident that THIS was the solution for my life, I took bags and bags to the mission box. I hung on to a few things that had sentimental value, and had them tailored.

    Now, I have a closet full of clothes (probably more than I need) and they ALL fit me! Getting dressed in the morning is a joy! Thank you, Susan!!

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  4. Kathie A

    Thanks for the videos Susan. Bright Line Eating has been a great addition to our Whole Food/Plant Based diet. This video has inspired me to go through my closet and pull out some of my bigger close and altering them. So thankful my mother taught me to sew when I was young. I’ll be smiling the whole time thinking of the money I’m saving. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am emotionally attached to a few of those outfits and I’m looking forward to wearing them again. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  5. Ann

    i’m passing my too-big clothes to a local BLE bootcamper!

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  6. Jazz Lee

    Great video as always and as pretty as ever…loved the video. Your presence just literally makes me smile…
    I have now gotten rid of two bags of fat clothes and I donated them to a thrift store. It felt great and my closet has a little bit more space. Lol

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  7. Andrea

    I’m going to burn all my clothes!! (Not really, but I will in my head). ????

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  8. Stefi

    Nice video/ideas Susan. I have yo-yo dieted thru my 30’s . I’m a saver of some clothes myself . I’ve thought of getting different pieces of clothes & making a quilt if I achieve my goal. Realistically, I have a big desire to get healthy & my best body ever so that once old ( hopefully ) in a medical situation I am easier to help. I AM NOT saying it in any disrespectful way folks, but I lost my mom & EMTS , nurses docs have a protocol way to lift /turn a person & the heavier you are you inevitably get hurt , from minor to big things on top of whatever happened to you.For 4 years I did my best jumping in to help them to help her & it was still heartbreaking & hard. People all ( myself included) think about near future, it’s the bigger picture that should be thought about. Thanks Susan for spreading the hope & guidance 🙂

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  9. Ruth

    Thank you Susan! Love your new haircut and this video was awesome and sooooo relevant! Was a 2X and now I am down to size 14. Lost 33 lbs so far – I am so grateful! I still have 38 more to go to my goal of size 4-6 ! I was very happy to put my larger clothing in bags and donate to the salvation army – they have bins at our local gas station where I can drop them off. Was a wonderful feeling to give these clothing away as someone else perhaps will be able to wear them. I appreciate your video’s and am grateful that so many of us are getting healthy and happy and free from addictive eating. This support that you offer is wonderful for me. Thank you, Ruth

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  10. Donnella

    This was so helpful. Thank you.

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  11. Rita

    Your videos are very interesting. Watched/listened/saved each one. Are you going to have a program you will be selling teaching us how to loose all the weight we have accumulated over the years? Am 81 years of age and wonder if the program will work for a person my age. It seems every time I changed from(living on farm) to living to a different farm, I added 20 pounds, not doing I thought anything different. Then when we did not have our emus any longer and I was not carrying 50 pound sacks to feed them . there comes some more weight. Last 10-15 years now I have not changed sizes much, can still wear clothes, but am not the size I would like to be. Will be interesting to get your answer.

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      Hi Rita,

      So sorry it’s taken me all this time to reply to your question!

      Yes, there is a course called the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp, and it’s coming up within the next month. Are you on my email list? If so, you’ll receive emails about it, starting on September 24th with an email about the Susceptibility Quiz so you can find out where you fall on the Susceptibility Scale. More free videos in the Food Freedom 3-video series will then be released, culminating in registration for the Boot Camp in early October.

      And yes, Bright Line Eating works no matter your age. I’ve seen it work for women in their 70’s and 80’s. All the time. In fact, I predict it will give you a whole new lease on life!


      P.S. — If you’re not on my email list, you can click on the “Get Updates” button on the top right and sign up.

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  12. Maya

    I am one who will be very satisfied to give away my fat clothes! I have some skinny-ish clothes that I can wear to make it though, but I’m sure that some of it will be outdated. Can’t wait to get rid of those either. When I get to goal, I will have to shop for a completely new wardrobe and I can’t wait! 🙂 Yay for BLE!

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  13. Amber

    Loved this video Susan! It is so relevant to what I am going through. A month ago I was between a size 4 and 6. Within the last few weeks I noticed my work pants were getting too loose. Last week I went shopping for new pants and I’m down to a size 2! It’s so exciting! I’m keeping my old size 6 work pants just in case, but I don’t plan on ever wearing them again!

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  14. Hassan

    Hi Susan ,I just finished Jeff Walker plf I will be launching my website soon as a personal,corporate coach
    It’s amazing how you are changing,and probably impacting many life’s out there,every time I see your videos
    You are prettier and prettier,more confidence more energy,
    ,keep going Susan all the best is yet to come,I will be pleased to recommend you Susan
    Are you using Kajabi??
    Something is wrong with my body ,I don’t eat bread,no sugar,no salt,no fast or junk food
    But still gain weight ??? What’s the solution??
    Best to you and your family

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      Thank you so much, Hassan! Maybe I’ll see you at PLF LIVE in October?

      And as for your weight, it sounds to me like you’re ready for the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp… 😉

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  15. Shelly

    There are so many of us moving through sizes, there should be a BLE clothing swap.

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  16. Shamrock

    Great video! Love the new “do”.

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