It Works

Registration has closed for the June 2015 Bright Line Eating™ Boot Camp.

The train has pulled away from the station and it’s picking up speed.

Choo choo!

The journey has begun.

There are 411 people on board–our biggest Boot Camp class ever–and we’re working overtime to welcome each and every one of them into our Bright Line Eating™ Community.

There’s as much excitement, nervousness, exhilaration, trepidation, gratitude, awe, and determination flying around as ever.

It’s palpable.

And a little crazy.

What’s different this time, however, is that this big, incoming class has an equally large group of mentors waiting for them.

The first and second Bright Line Eating™ Boot Camps had 40 and 353 people enrolled (respectively), and the majority of those folks have stuck around, learned the system, and gotten Happy, Thin, and Free™. (Even if they’re still losing weight, they’re already Happy, Thin, and Free™. It’s a state of mind.) Those seasoned Boot Campers are now in the online support community, helping to guide and orient the newbies.

Here’s what I keep hearing them say, in a hundred different ways:

Just follow the system. Trust. It works.

I lovelovelove this.

Just follow the system. Trust. It works.

I could repeat it like a mantra.

Bright Line Eating™ is a SYSTEM. There’s no one silver bullet that stops addictive eating in its tracks.

Putting down sugar and flour is a beginning, but even that is a question more than an answer.

HOW do I put down sugar and flour?

Just follow the system. Trust.

It works.

The tools I teach in the Bright Line Eating™ Boot Camp are the tools I still use, twelve years later, to stay Happy, Thin, and Free™.

I use them every day because they work.

Permanently changing an entrenched behavior pattern is one of the hardest things in the world to do.

It’s an all-hands-on-deck kind of challenge.

Want to be successful? Use ALL the tools at your disposal.

Now, I don’t introduce the tools all at once in the Boot Camp. That would be overwhelming and therefore counterproductive.

So instead, I layer them in.

I get people started with the food plan and give them one or two powerful tools for sticking with it.

Since commitment and determination are highest at the beginning, it’s enough.

At first.

Boot Campers start by writing down their food the night before, committing it, and crafting an Emergency Action Plan to have with them at all times, so that when temptation strikes, they know exactly what to do.

The rest of the tools unfold, one week at a time, as the Boot Camp progresses.

Before long, they have woven together and formed a shield.

A fortress.

A haven.

Just follow the system.


It works.

A few days ago, in the online support community, someone invited the old-timers to post their before and after pictures, in order to motivate, inspire, and reassure the newcomers.

Pictures started popping up all over the place.

So. Much. Success.

So much happiness, joy, and pride.

So much health, vitality, and freedom.


I LOVE the online support community. It’s my favorite tool. I just went in there to check in, and a few posts right off the top struck my eye. Here, with names removed to protect anonymity, are what a few people are saying in there today:

Day 8 — My mind can’t quite comprehend that it doesn’t have to fight with me about every bite and choice. I am talking kindly to it. “It is ok dear one. Relax and eat this. Its perfect for you. I’m proud of you! No, it is not too much, or the wrong thing. It is Perfect. Relax and enjoy.”

CELEBRATION! Day 109. Down 38 pounds. I’m running out of clothes that fit. I went to Community Aid and got a pair of Ann Taylor capris, Liz Claiborne capris, and Columbia shorts, all for $10. Size 8. I haven’t been that size before.

At the beginning of the last Boot Camp, someone posted this quote (may not be exact) that she got from a friend: “Changing your food and your lifestyle is not going to kill you….the alternative just might.” I thought it was so brilliant, it hit home for me. I posted it above my kitchen counter and it’s still there, I still read it, and it still gives me a power boost when I waiver. Thought it might be a good fit for others in here too, especially as you’re going through withdrawal symptoms and the learning curve is steep.

Celebration! So enjoying this way of eating. It is liberating to finally be eating healthfully and losing weight. I have lost over 3 lbs by today Day 3. I know rapid weight loss happens initially but I am thrilled as my first goal is 13 lbs to get back to comfortable in my skin weight. I know that this is real as I have had a mild low grade headache (withdrawal) but super high energy. So glad I found this BEFORE I gained back the other 25 lbs I lost years back and kept off.

Eating addictively is inherently isolating and alienating.

Joining together in community is the antidote.

But the community is just one aspect of Bright Line Eating™. Just one tool.

All the tools, together, form the Bright Line Eating™ System.

This blog is dedicated to the 411 newest members of the BLE community. 411 people who are using new tools and have commenced the journey of a lifetime.

Welcome aboard.

We love you.

Just follow the system.


It works.

With love,


P.S. — If you missed this Boot Camp, hang in there. Registration will open again in the fall. Gear up, get ready. It’s going to rock your world.



  1. chris

    I have been trying lose weight by compensating for my lust for flour and sugar through exercise, however, physical changes prevent me from the motility i use to enjoy. i have gained wait and now want to learn to eat sensibly

    Reply ·
  2. Debra Noble

    Celebration! I have been doing the plan officially for three days and this morning the scale said I was six pounds lighter. Wasn’t expecting that so quickly and am thrilled. My “women” , in my family are thrilled for me. Struggling for so long… Also shocked that I am stuffed at the end of the meal, every meal. Thank you Susan for sharing, this is working for me now.

    Reply ·
  3. Betsy

    In case anybody is interested, I did the boot camp that started in March. I have lost 22 lbs. so far & I am still in the Facebook group. I don’t post things very often, but in the morning I love to read , like, & comment on other people’s posts. I have more weight to lose & I am still sticking to the program & even though I couldn’t afford to do this current boot camp I still feel connected. I just want to let you new boot campers know that this program changes you. At this point I don’t even feel it is a challenge to avoid the no-no foods. I have been to quite a few parties lately & my husband has stuff around the house & I couldn’t care less. It truly has become second nature

    Reply ·
  4. Mimi Hanzel

    A lovely mentor has called twice, but I have missed her calls. Tomorrow we are going out if town for 5 days, so should she call then I will miss the call. I wonder how we can coordinate the calls as I truly and dearly want to talk and ask questions?
    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Reply ·
    1. Barbara Mantell

      That’s neat that someone has tried to call you. I had someone during the first few days try to call me, but with the wrong number. I wrote her with the correct number but still haven’t heard from anybody yet.

      Reply ·
    2. Veronika

      Mimi, can you connect with the person via a private message on Facebook? You could coordinate the call time in writing and then connect over the phone?

      Reply ·
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