Have you struggled with weight, dieting, or body image in the past? If so…

Your Brain May Be Blocking You From Losing Weight.

How susceptible are you?


The concept of the “10++” on the Susceptibility Scale has come up twice in my life recently, so I took that as a sign it was time to shoot a Vlog on it. Watch to hear my thoughts.

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Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is a New York Times bestselling author and an expert in the psychology and neuroscience of eating. Susan is the Founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating®, a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board so you can finally find freedom from food.  Read Susan’s Full Story

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  1. Renée Anderson

    Question: If you are answering 4 on all the questions, doesn’t that make you a 4?

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  2. Elizabeth Daniel

    I get it. I get it. But the mathematician in me still rebels. On a scale of 1-10….. i mean, it’s a scale from 1-10. I’m a 10. I think what I’m hearing you say, and I’m so glad you vlogged-on it, is that there is another measurement for the 10 which is hard to pin down because it takes many forms. I wonder (and surely there are a million ways of seeing this), if that second measurement also applies to the 5s or the 7s. For instance, in the famous Kaiser Permanente’s obesity clinic study in San Diego called Aces Too High, they clarified by adding a second questionnaire. One evaluated the extent to which childhood trauma later had an effect on health, but the second evaluated how the childs resilience factor modified the first. 10++ is a fascinating concept, but the 1-10 is clean and concrete. The ++ is subjective and vague. I would love to see that tied down. What are the variables?

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  3. Leena

    Thank you, Susan, for that explanation. It brought me to tears, and I hardly ever cry. I’m definitely a 10++ even though my weight has been normal for ten years or more, and my eating pretty stable for about 25 years. (I had a relapse in 2019 and gained 20 pounds in 3 minutes months.) I’m so glad that I chose the 10++ home room. I need to get involved in the program now. I have not been giving & receiving support since my master mind group disbanded quite some time ago.

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  4. M. Wood

    This puts it in perspective for me! As with any disease, there is a wide range of “stages”. Everyone is not struggling with the same issues. So assign people to groups where they can benefit most and they can also be of help to others! Thanks!

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  5. Heather Double

    all very interesting. I hear you all. too much of too much is hard. The message I heard from Susan was the administrative basis for
    ‘home room ‘ assignments of members and the compassion needed to respect the raw needs of each group.
    This is a slippery slope. What also struck me was the members and Susan’s comments regarding the value and effectiveness of support. This is difficult for me as support these days appears to be computer and phone based. I crave the in person accountablility. Thank you all

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  6. Sharolyn Crook

    The 10++ is still and will always be a gross exaggeration which represents a drama queen attitude (mindset) and nurtures being a victim.
    Very much like 12 step mentality which does not give an individual freedom but rather binds them to the cause infinitely
    For someone who professes science, this concept is a disturbing polarisation.

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    1. LW

      I’m a 10++….so much so that I’m basically an 11. Perhaps I’m a drama queen.

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    2. Kate Scammell-Anderson

      Spoken by someone who is blessed not to be a 10++ – maybe you could reserve judgement and show compassion & grace for the experience of others? Maybe you need to do that for yourself as well.

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      1. Kate Scammell-Anderson

        Oh and Sharon – Have a look at the BLE books, podcasts and courses, maybe get a better understanding of ‘the concept’ before you question it – Susan doesn’t ‘profess’ to be a scientist. It’s just one indicator of Susan’s grasp of science, but I’m sure you are aware of what it takes to earn ‘Ph.D.’?

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        1. Sharolyn

          Hi Kate
          Sharolyn responding (not sharon)
          I did write a long explanation but it hasn’t posted?? Maybe because I failed to enter a name and email address since I was already in the connents 😞. I do not have the tine to redraft my explanation of coming to this conclusion.
          In short, I do consider myself eligible to pass comment (as opposedto judgementas youve put it) because I have completed GRIT, bootcamp Mind and freedom circle in that order and have been a bright lifer since jan 2021.
          I will say that adding pluses and raising worst case scenario limits goes against spt’s teachings in Bright Line mind – a course in positive psychology 😉. The term Positive psychology is very self explanatory and exaggerating circumstance is not productive in resolving problems. Keeping things in perspective (in this case withi the realms of 100%) is in line with her ‘science’ and her ‘positive psychology’.

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