Have you struggled with weight, dieting, or body image in the past? If so…

Your Brain May Be Blocking You From Losing Weight.

How susceptible are you?

Divorcing Potato Chips

Sugar and flour encapsulate the vast majority of what we abstain from in Bright Line Eating in order to heal our brains and our bodies as we lose all our excess weight. In today’s Vlog, I talk about one of the foods that we include under the “sugar and flour” umbrella: potato chips. Watch to hear the science behind why they’re just as dangerous.

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Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is a New York Times bestselling author and an expert in the psychology and neuroscience of eating. Susan is the Founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating®, a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board so you can finally find freedom from food.  Read Susan’s Full Story

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  1. Trish

    Linden certainly has a WAY WITH WORDS! I could totally identify with the feelings toward the binge food!

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  2. Shauna

    I am new and I have a friend that has a been on BLE for over 6 months now and have done amazing. But I however can’t bring myself to really start because I have a massive sugar addiction and I don’t know how to stop. That sounds so strange but it’s so true!

    How do I break this habit?!?

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    1. Marti

      How do you break this habit? You say to yourself: If not now, when? I learnt these words from “The Sedona Method” by Hale Dwoskin. This wonderful book is about letting go and change. I battled with obesity and yo-yo weight for more than 27 years. I also repeat this to myself every single day: The pain of battling with obesity for more than 27 years is MUCH WORSE than the pain of living without my favourite NMFs and NMDs in this moment. Another consideration: the longer you cling to your addiction, the more difficult it is to learn to live with it and control it and make peace with it. Stop your denial!!! You are only fooling yourself – like I fooled myself for so many years. Read Susan’s book, “Bright Line Eating”, at least 5 times – like I did – and simply jump in and DO what you have to do. Get the “Bright Line Eating Cookbook”, as well as “Rezoom”. And watch Susan’s many videos and vlogs on the internet. I promise you: it is NOT easy in the beginning, but it DOES get easier the more you practice your bright lines. You have to DO: you have to PRACTICE your bright lines to get to AUTOMATICITY. Your cravings for NMFs and NMDs WILL stop. Your taste buds WILL change. You WILL start enjoying and craving healthy, nutritious real food. Your brain WILL change (neuroplasticity). And if you have a bad day – you are only human – you simply tell yourself: I will NEVER give up, because I KNOW what to do, and I CAN do this. Kicking your addiction consists of (a) a very serious mindset change as well as (b) doing your bright lines. By the way, I am a 10++++ on the Susceptibility Scale…..

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  3. Jen

    So grateful for this vlog. I understand perfectly, from my own experience and suffering.
    And my thanks to Susan, for her tireless help to all food addicts.

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  4. Wendy

    I am new to BLE and I have relapsed :(. My biggest barrier is PREP! weighing and packing lunch for work and I don’t know how to prep and have on hand the foods I need to eat. Yes I have the cookbook but again I a part time student getting my Masters at 65 years old and working full time.
    Can someone give me easy solutions for Preping and all that.

    As far as chips are concerned my son and I used to laugh at the serving size per bag. A large bag of potatoe chips for us was 1 serving each. I don’t do that anymore.

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    1. Stacy

      I too struggle with having time for food prep but I fast. I don’t need three meals a day. When I am busy I’m not thinking about food . If my stomach growls I drink water and stay focused on my work. And the days I work a double shift a breakfast and dinner. On the days I work eight hours I just ate dinner. The Pleasure Trap is an excellent book on fasting . Consult your Dr.

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    2. Stacy Rosenberg

      I too struggle with having time for food prep but I fast. I don’t need three meals a day. When I am busy I’m not thinking about food . If my stomach growls I drink water and stay focused on my work. And the days I work a double shift a breakfast and dinner. On the days I work eight hours I just ate dinner. The Pleasure Trap is an excellent book on fasting . Consult your Dr.

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  5. Krysta

    Yes! Glad to see that addressed. I need to write a similar letter to both chips and popcorn. (I was playing the field 😂)

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  6. Don Benedik

    YES, Mam!

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  7. Stephanie Smith

    So Pringles must be big NO NO., since they are made from potato flour. As for me I like Fritos.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Still a chip… a salty, crunchy, processed snack food. Corn chips and corn tortillas are made from ground corn (flour) and are not Bright Line Eating friendly foods. Even corn chips and corn tortillas that are made from whole corn—not flour—are likely to be triggering and are not recommended. 🧡

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      1. Stephanie Smith

        We were discussing our favorite junk food. I was a 3 on your susceptibility scale. I take food or leave it and I do not trigger.

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  8. Marti

    I am a 10++++ on the Susceptibility Scale. I think I am more addicted to flour than to sugar, because I prefer any raw or baked dough with salt (and not necessarily sugar). I think that is the reason why potato chips used to be a serious binge food for me. I was totally besotted with potato chips. Of course potato chips are a manmade Frankenfood with addictive substances which keep you bingeing without end. One day while I was well into my BLE journey – I started bootcamp on 10 October 2017 – I figured this out about potato chips: I like the taste, but I like the crunch too! I simply love crunchy food! Nowadays I eat salad with nuts and seeds if I want to eat crunchy food. Nowadays I get cravings for salad and NOT for potato chips. Yes, Susan is right: your taste buds do change when you quit all empty NMFs and NMDs and start eating nutrient-dense real food. I discovered that hemp seeds are crunchy, and therefore I include hemp seeds in my seed mix for my salad. If you like the crunch of potato chips, eat a fresh, healthy, crunchy salad instead of poisonous processed potato chips!!! Linden’s letter describes my own feelings SO accurately. Yes, you simply HAVE to divorce your old favourite NMFs and NMDs to reclaim your health and sanity – there is simply NO other way if you are such a serious food addict as many of us are. Craving salad was totally unthinkable before I started BLE, but divorcing NMFs and NMDs made it possible to turn my life around.

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  9. Diane

    My ‘potato chips’ are fries. Kinda the same, made from deep fried potato. Maybe we should be looking at the food and placing more emphasis on nutrition in the BLE meal plans, as much as the ‘no sugar, no flour part’? Just a thought…

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  10. Katherine

    That was one fabulously written ode,or divorce letter. I hope it gets published; I can envision it traveling all over and becoming popular so maybe you had better copyright it! Thank you for that – – it’s really inspiring.

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  11. Brenda

    I would love a copy of this letter too. It’s such an elegant way to end a relationship. I was thinking of my NMF and that I couldn’t imagine a world without it. Now I can’t imagine ever putting it in my body.

    I’m coming into the final days of Reboot Rezoom and I can here the rumblings of NMD coming back. My sabby is so seductive; if he can’t get me one way, there’s always another.

    Anyway thank you Linden for writing it and thank you Susan for reading it!
    I really would love the transcript when or if it becomes available.

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  12. T K

    Thank You for posting this vlog. This food is my Achilles heel. I am so good all day and then the pc comes calling. Like Lyndon, I must divorce them .


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  13. Kim

    I could relate

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  14. Deb Cullerton

    I am so moved by that letter. For me, it is french fries. It started at 16 years old with McDonalds fries and continued on throughout my life with fries at least once a day.
    Even when i became a vegan, i would find my way to McDonalds for “just fries”.
    This has really crystallized what I must do to truly break away. I’ve never once eaten a few french fries. Thank you soooo much for this!!!!!

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  15. Sharon

    I would love a copy of that letter please

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  16. Stephanie Smith

    My friend Loretta who would be considered morbidly obese is a self confessed chip junkie. Her favorite is Wise Barbecue Potato Chips
    It has all the comfort food qualities. Sweet, Salty, Crunchy, Greasy. Post bariatric surgery we went to lunch after church. The restaurant we went to
    had a rack of chips. She told me it took major will power not buy some. I never saw the rack. She told me someone at work brought some smart chips
    so she tried some but wanted more and more. A thought hit her brain…..I can no longer eat these. I am truly a chip addict.
    Recently she told me she walked into a hospital and the first thing she saw was a rack of chips and she had to resist the urge not to buy some.
    Lays is correct nobody can eat just One

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  17. Arvella Witherspoon

    Where can I get a copy of the letter the lady wrote to potato chips? That was SO POWERFUL that I cried.

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  18. Jacqie Shartier

    I am the one with tears streaming down my face. I so identify with this. Is there any way we could get a copy of this powerful letter to my addictive food. God Bless Linden!

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  19. A Wall

    That was wonderful. I wrote a similar letter to Crunchy Peanut butter & posted in Brightlines FB page. Writing was helpful and writing as a Dear John letter helped me address the sabatot’s arguments for CP – Vegan, protein, easy, keeps well….

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  20. Nick Carroll

    Timely and so very helpful!

    I Began my Bright Line Eating journey on the first day of February this year. Today will be my 37th consecutive Bright Line day . . . no misses!

    Just yesterday, as I made plans for my first trip away from home since beginning this journey, while planning out my meals, I found your vlog about traveling and keeping your Lines Bright. It was very informative. But I still had a question about potato chips . . . were they allowed? I almost convinced myself that, since they are POTATOES, it would be okay. I was still fence-sitting. Your vlog today was an answer to prayer-literally. No more chips for this guy! The “Ode to Potato Chips” went beyond Bright . . . it was Brilliant!

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.


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  21. Pat Whipple

    What a wonderful letter she wrote. I am more with sweets, but somedays it could be potato chips. – What a way with words

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  22. Lisa Wold

    That essay on divorcing potato chips was so eloquent! So heartfelt! So powerful!
    I can’t remember being so moved!

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  23. Celine

    Potato chips in the US are crisps in the UK right? Yeah… crisps are super addictive. I have more of a sweet tooth than savory but must admit to losing myself in a tube or large bag of … from time to time. But life is different now. BLE is the way to go. Divorce is so final… and so freeing. Go Lyndon!

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    1. Valda

      Yes potato chips are crisps in the UK

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  24. James

    I have tremendous faith in BLE and I wanted to share this metaphor regarding cravings, We need to mindfully and carefully observe cravings as they arise and subside– so we can be WITNESSES to them and not VICTIMS of them, Walking down the street, you can observe other people, cars, bikes – all potentially dangerous even lethal but by paying attention you can avoid being a victim. Look where you’re going – no spacing out.

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    1. Valda

      Excellent metaphor.

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