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As 2022 began, I saw a prompt online from the New York Times asking me if I wanted to see the most-read articles of 2021. And I did. It turns out the most popular article was an op-ed called “There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing.” Watch this week’s Vlog to hear my thoughts on the topic and why it resonated with me so deeply.

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Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is a New York Times bestselling author and an expert in the psychology and neuroscience of eating. Susan is the Founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating®, a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board so you can finally find freedom from food.  Read Susan’s Full Story

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  1. James

    Concentration meditation (jhana, samadhi, samatha) – the other white meat – complements mindfulness meditation – an antidote for languishing. My mind thus purified, bright, unblemished, rid of imperfection, malleable, wieldy, steady, and attained to imperturbability, I directed it to knowledge.

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  2. L

    For a few months, I paused listening to these weekly vlogs…no specific reason…I know know I was languishing…I’m back..so glad I flagged them in my inbox (that’s a good sign!) . Lots to catch up on….

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  3. Rose Bonn

    Not to take anything away from the great content, but that Gorgeous Jacket!!! Wow! Elegant, Beautiful. Wherever did you find it?!!!

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    1. Debbie Kohn

      I thought the same thing!!

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      1. Rose Bonn


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  4. Martha Irving

    So Susan, when’s your TED Talk? 🙂 I await with anticipation. Your vlogs are fantastic! So much to chew on today.

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  5. Benjamin

    HI Susan , I’m languishing , but I call it retirement . LOVE , Benjamin

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  6. Debbie

    I appreciate this VLOG so much. I’ve had an incredible 2021 in terms of starting BLE on April 1 and releasing 50 pounds and ready to hit 2022 for the next 50 and suddenly I’ve been MEH…! Or BLAH is another name for it. Nothing to point to being unhappy but not flourishing. It is so perfectly how I am feeling right now. I truly appreciate hearing that this too shall pass and it is an opportunity for me to get my FLOW. The January doldrums are real for me right now and I rather like calling it languishing instead. Looking forward to flourishing again soon! Thank you for the encouragement and insight.

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  7. Stefi

    Hit home for sure. Thank you for the comfort 🥰

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  8. Jacqie Shartier

    You talked to me today Susan, haven’t heard that word for a long time, however, that’s me~ Thanx for talking to me!

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  9. Sally M Taylor

    Boy does this describe me! For the past few years, my hubby and I have been discussing retiring. We bought a lake cottage and have been fixing it up long distance. We planned that we would both work 3-4 more years, then retire. Well, Fall of 2020 found me dealing with covid and breast cancer. My case was unusual and my cancer was not graded and staged right away. Medically I had no idea what I was facing, treatment wise. To complicate things, my University offered special incentives to those at or close to retirement because enrollment was so low. But to take the incentives, you had to retire at the end of fall semester. Within 6 weeks, I had to hire, train a replacement, finish my online semester, retire, have lumpectomy and radiation. I opted not to start chemo in December so I could get through finals and graduation.
    In January, I was to start 6 weeks of infusions. By infusion three, I was so ill, they determined I was allergic to the chemo and stopped. I spent the next 9 months trying to heal my gut from the chemo and get my energy back. It was all such a whirlwind that went down so fast, I feel like I lost everything – my financial plans for retirement, my friends and students, my purpose and identity and my daily routine. All down the drain. So now I have to rebuild from the ground up. I did rezoom, I need to be off sugar and flour to help the cancer not return. (now there is incentive!) I just feel like a tornado picked me up, whirled me around, and spit me out in a strange place. Lately I just sleep alot and try to recover. I know I need to move forward, but I haven’t figured out what yet.

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  10. Rebeca Schiller

    I read Adam Grant’s article when it was first published in the NYT. While I read through it, the sound of ding, ding, ding became loud and clear. Because I really thought something was wrong. I was absent-minded, I couldn’t focus, it took me ages to finish a book (and I’m a reader) I just went through the daily motions of basic survival. I wasn’t necessarily depressed, but I wasn’t flourishing. Once I determined that I was languishing and that I couldn’t get out my own way, I tried to fake it until I made it. After several months of that, I decided I really needed to go back into therapy. And guess what my therapist asked after I kvetched so much? Do you keep a gratitude journal and meditate? Uh, I meditate, but I don’t keep a gratitude journal. And then I told him about BLE and how you strongly recommend keeping a gratitude journal. I’ve been writing in the journal since November 6th 2021. I don’t skip a day. Sometimes, I skip my meditation (shout to Monique Rhode’s Ten Minute Mind) depending on the needs of two demanding canines, but that’s rare. Anyhoo, since I started the gratitude journal, I’m not languishing and I’m actually feeling lighter, happier, and on my way to flourishing.

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