Have you struggled with weight, dieting, or body image in the past? If so…

Your Brain May Be Blocking You From Losing Weight.

How susceptible are you?

Substance and Process Addiction

In this week’s Vlog, I share a really sweet story along with a very important addition to the BLE scientific framework around food, addiction, eating, and sustained weight loss. Watch now to hear it all.

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Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is a New York Times bestselling author and an expert in the psychology and neuroscience of eating. Susan is the Founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating®, a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board so you can finally find freedom from food.  Read Susan’s Full Story

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  1. Athena

    I have been resisting BL’s 3 & 4 thinking I only need to manage the substance, result: STRUGGLE. This is truly BRILLIANT and so HELPFUL! I need to quiet my crazy, monkey mind! Thank you wise women.

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    1. Helen

      Are lines 3 and 4 discussed in the original book and their correlation to numbers 1 and 2? Thanks.

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  2. Marla

    Whoa! I needed to here this. 100% get my sugar and flour addiction, but this helped clarify why eating out always messes with my peace around food! One of my top 10 important things I’ve learned in BLE so far.

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  3. Kay Ray

    Thanks for this amazing insight! I couldn’t figure out why I was still dwelling on my next meal even though I had written down exactly what I would eat. I now realize I was not completely following the process. I little extra amount here and there plus not having a structured meal time. Here’s to a brighter New Year 🎉

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  4. Stephanie

    This has been precisely my experience. When I “do” BLE without lines 3 & 4 I stay miserable and fat. Love this so much.

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  5. Ronnie Hacken

    This is one of the best vlogs ever. Getting clarity around the differences and the relationship between content and process is incredibly helpful to me. I have a fairly easy time with content but I struggle over process. Thanks Susan.

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  6. Leah Allan

    Tis is directly related to Susan’s vlog: Can Food Actually Be Addictive? July of 2021 – she goes into detail about food v. process addiction.

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  7. Halette

    This is invaluable insight! I know virtually nothing about substance abuse, so process addiction is a new concept to me. Thank you for informing me! I can see where the weighing and measuring holds the line and eliminates the crack n the otherwise closed door for wiggle room to sneak in and cause havok. Especially with slippery slope food. I do not experience “creep” or food thoughts with veggies (high starch excluded) if I have cuke, zucchini, spinach, etc. in a larger mass for example — however if it is a grain forget about it, or if it is a fruit like grapes, orange, etc. it becomes a problem. Admittedly I learned this because I didn’t want to toss the one extra slice of citrus, or save the couple of grapes, etc. I also prefer to buy larger packaged fruit at a better price. Now I try to weigh at the store and pick items I can make work to be the acceptable weight or carry over the stragglers to the next meal in a fruit mix — I prefer just one fruit not mixed, but if it means peace it is a no brainer.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      And being aware of our own weak areas is so key to being proactive in avoiding letting ourselves get too near “the edge” where we’re in danger of slipping. Thanks for sharing your insights, Halette! 🧡

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  8. Joseph Meyer

    Thank you Susan for the right reminder: Being “bright” is not enough!
    I wish you nice holidays and Suchen in your great work!
    Joseph Meyer

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    1. Joseph Meyer

      Success of course!

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  9. B

    Bright Lines 1 +2 – Substance addiction, Bright lines 3+4 – Process Addiction – “Crystal” Clear Brilliance I tell you!!
    Thank you to all the bright minds who clarified this.

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  10. Pat Mainer

    Wow, it’s like she was talking directly to me. I have been free of numbers 1&2 but struggling with 3&4, I can see now why I was having so much difficulty.
    I’m all in for sure, looking forward to this journey with all of you.

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    1. Halette

      Me too! So helpful!

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  11. Nona Shaw

    I so needed this vlog… I need a new beginning with lines 3 & 4… I began my Bright Line Journey almost exactly 6 years ago. I have very carefully and completely avoided sugar and flour for 6 years with only a small infinitesimal amount of sugar/flour. Even though we are allowed to eat sugar/flour when it is the 4th ingredient or below, I cannot do ANY amount of either without my hunger or appetite for food being affected. I originally lost 80 lbs. and then my body changed just like you snap your fingers and I began gaining 1-2 lbs. each month. I am now more than 50 lbs. up, have been through 2-3 years of a thyroid journey that says I have a normal thyroid level, but still do not feel anywhere near what I felt like 3 years ago. I have been a super star with Lines 1 & 2 but now realize that my Lines 3 & 4 are still not 100% bright. I need a NEW bright line beginning. It is not a coincidence that the book Rezoom is being released on December 28, 2022, my 6th Anniversary with BLE. Ready for a quiet chatter free thought life concerning my food!!!..

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Amazing! Happy anniversary, Nona. 🧡 We are wishing you a BRIGHT and successful Rezoom for lines 3 & 4!

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  12. Annie Fetzer

    You absolutely read my mind!! I have been following bright lines 1 and 2 since June 2021. I have since joined the advanced membership but have been thinking of canceling my membership because I haven’t gotten anything more than some of the lovely comments on Facebook. I just listened to this weekly vlog and am hoping that I can sharpen up my lines 3 and 4 to get off my final 10 pounds. This was such an important VLOG! By the way… am I missing something about the membership? All I have gotten aside from the facebook comments has been the weekly vlog. Although this was a great one, I’m thinking there was supposed to be more of a daily check in. Thank you for your help! Annie

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    1. Leane Kahrs

      Hi Annie, Have you found the hub? It’s at hub.brightlineeating.com. You should be able to log in there and see Bright Line boot camp, Bright Line holiday and many other things.

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    2. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Annie! As an All-Access Member you have access to all of our available course content in your Hub. Log in to hub.brightlineeating.com. Right now, in addition to Boot Camp, Bright Lifers, and our Bright Liners Community, you have access to Bright Line Holiday as well as Reboot Rezoom, which starts soon. If you have any questions about this, please contact Customer Support via the contact form at http://support.brightlineeating.com 🧡

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  13. Diane

    Thank you for this vlog. I’ve had a foot in the ditch for the past 3 months and have regained some weight. I followed lines 1 & 2 85% of the time during this time, and lines 3 & 4 the same percentage. It is clear to me that all the lines need to be followed 100% of the time, near enough is not good enough if I want peace around food and have the chatter disappear. I know this intellectually but emotionally it is a struggle to maintain. I’m embracing one day at a time and suspect like giving up smoking going on 13 years now, it will take a few rounds of stop/start before it sticks. Food addiction is way harder in the long term management than giving up smoking was.

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  14. Kimberly Allen


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  15. Michele Carreiro

    Interesting VLOG. It makes total sense. Isn’t “obsessive behavior” part of the definition of addiction? – the ‘process addiction’. I remember when a friend of mine, who is an alcoholic, explained it to me. She said it’s not just abstaining from drinking the glass of wine (or whatever substance), she said, as an addict, she continues to obsess about the wine– i.e., whether I am going to drink MY glass of wine or if the folks at the next table at the restaurant are going to order more wine,, “will they finish their wine,? will they order another glass, different type” –total obsession” Definitely hounded with mental chatter – obsession. I always thought of myself as a person who was not an addictive personality. I truly did not realize this aspect of addiction and now see that for me, it is much more about the “process addiction” with food – the triggers that make me use food as a comfort or escape. I guess this is why they say don’t put yourself in situations where your addicted substance is all around you or, for that matter, things that trigger your addicted behavior. Love the “come for the vanity, stay for the sanity concept.” Thank you!

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  16. Helen Terry

    In regards to what SPT is speaking about, the interchange between JP and Chloe, where could I read JP’s “Lessons from the Ditch,”? Thanks,


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    1. Helen Terry

      Found JP’s vlog and his posts. Very insightful and helpful writing!!! Thanks, JP!!!!

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  17. Phyllis J

    I’ve been following the vlog for about 3 years now. This is the most significant one of them all for me. Definitely food for thought to get myself out of the ditch. Thank you.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thanks for these kind words, Phyllis. We’re so glad it resonated with you. 🧡

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  18. Helen T

    Who is JP, please?

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  19. Dawn Johnson

    Thank you for this blog help me what I was missing in keeping the weight off. Constant struggling to keep weight now.

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  20. Kathryn Hall

    This makes SO much sense!! Off the top of my head, I would add, at least for myself, anyway, that lines 1 & 2 clear the way to make lines 3 & 4 possible and sustainable. I have tried some version of lines 3 & 4 by other names over the many years but it could never be sustained.

    I really appreciate the insight of the distinction between substance and process and how it makes their intimate relationship all the more clear as well.

    Thank you

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  21. Elana

    For what it is worth, I’m almost positive that the distinction between process and substance addiction as it pertains to each line actually originated with SPT. I have been thinking about it quite a bit recently (how it relates to my journey) and I know I saw it in something SPT shared.
    I joined all access, and am about half way through the bootcamp. I’ve watched all of the Holiday modules and calls and also most of the mindset module in boot camp additional resources. Prior to joining the membership, I was watching archived vlogs. Perhaps it was in there. I also watched all of the facebook live interviews that SPT did in Spring/Summer 2020.

    Regardless, I’m really enjoying the new membership and I also love the Vlogs! Thank You!

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    1. Elana

      I found it!! It is in the video in Core Boot Camp Planning and Preparation Module: Bright Line #4 – Quantities.

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