Have you struggled with weight, dieting, or body image in the past? If so…

Your Brain May Be Blocking You From Losing Weight.

How susceptible are you?


The Vlog is early this week because today is a very special occasion.

Today is the publication day of BLE’s third book!!!

Rezoom: The Powerful Reframe to End the Crash-and-Burn Cycle of Food Addiction is finally available in bookstores everywhere. If you pre-ordered, has it arrived yet? If you haven’t, there’s a convenient link to order below the Vlog.

This book has a huge job to do in the world right now, both in our BLE community and beyond. Watch the Vlog to hear all about it.

Podcast Audio

Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is a New York Times bestselling author and an expert in the psychology and neuroscience of eating. Susan is the Founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating®, a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board so you can finally find freedom from food.  Read Susan’s Full Story

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  1. Tonya johnson

    I have the audio book, how do I get the pdf worksheets?

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  2. Debra Dawson

    So excited, I received my book on the 29th, and started reading right away. Only through the first 2 chapters. Thank you Susan and Everett! I SO needed this. I started BLE Feb 2020 by reading the book and released 70 lb., plateaued for a long time, I was ok with that, but now I am eating more and more. No flour or sugar, but I know all the natural sugars in the over eating has got a hold on me. I joined all Access, and still struggling, but this book WOW. 🙂 I will be unstoppable.
    Thanks again

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  3. Mary H

    Dear Jade, Please feel free to reach out to me and we can help each other along. I am 69 1/2 and my income is also limited.
    my e mail is housemouse52@hotmail.com mary

    Now to all interested: I , too, got into my car and drove to the nearest Barnes and Noble this morning. signs posted
    everywhere All Hardcover Books 50% …when they’re gone, they’re gone. There were only 2 copies of Rezoom on
    the shelf. from US $26.99 on back cover …I paid $13.49. I said, Thank you, Lord! this was in my budget!
    I do not know how to do facebook or anything of the other things, just want to let my people know…
    $13.49 at Barnes and Noble. mary

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    1. Jade

      I will email you, thanks. Sadly, in Canada we don’t have Barnes & Noble. I think it’s exclusively in the US.

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  4. Helen Roberts Spingola

    Miss my vlogs due to change……please note,Thank you

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  5. Susanne

    Are there any plans to release translations of this book? I am asking for someone who doesn’t speak English very well. She is totally needing more original input from BLE.

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  6. Jeanne Ann

    I called Barnes and Nobel in Roseville, CA first thing this morning to put a copy of “REZOOM” on hold, dashed to the store to pick it up and snapped a photo with my book in front of the ones on the shelf. (It was great timing to buy it half price during the Barnes and Nobel sale.) I felt an urgency because the person answering the phone told me she had just reserved another copy for someone… Yikes!!! I’m glad I didn’t hesitate and soooo glad I’ve got my book. I will soon be 76 years old and felt totally defeated concerning my weight. During 1 1/2 years of living Bright I’ve released 75 lbs and feel absolutely great!! Bright Line Eating has most definitely changed my life for good. Thank you SPT and all who work to make BLE possible. The loving support that comes from this community is amazing. BIG Hugs!!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Wow, Jeanne! We’re so glad you got your hands on a copy. Enjoy! 🧡

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  7. Deanna St Martin


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  8. Jade

    I feel like I’m outside the circle of the ble family. I’ll try to express this in as few words as possible. There is always a push to buy buy buy but the reality is not all of us are in a state to buy anything, especially nowadays. Where do we unemployed food addicts fit into this? Part of why I turn to food has to do with my depressing situation. Yet I can no longer afford to invest in these programs. The other issue is that I won’t post anything in the free online group bcz I’m ashamed of my addiction and don’t want anyone I know to be aware that I have this problem. Not my family or friends. It’s too embarrassing and I just can’t expose that part if me. I feel stuck. Can’t post in the fb group cuz I’m afraid people I know will see it and can’t afford to be in a private group. Those that have and have always had an income may not jnderstabd where I’m coming from but others like me exist and we need help with our addictions too. Not sure SPT has ever addressed this but I’m desperate for some guidance to break this cycle. I’m pre menopausal and this has been a life long problem that I have managed to keep a secret from everyone that knows me. I want it to end. I feel so alone 😞
    I’m not using my real name here.

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    1. Candice Place

      Hi AKA Jade, please feel free to contact me. I’m also Canadian. I’m still learning the program but totally open to being there as a BLE friend. My email is candiceplace@yahoo.ca

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    2. Sherri

      BLE books are always available from the library and you can always use a fake name on any face book group site. No one needs to find out it’s you… But that said, I am just wondering why it’s so important to keep this a secret? Food addiction is an illness like all other illnesses and aliments and if someone thinks less of you for it then maybe they don’t deserve to be in your life. Would you think less of someone affiliated by an addiction? No, of course not so why not let the people in your life decide that for themselves. Whenever I kept my addiction secret from others it was more about me wanting to have it to go back to when things got tough, and if no one knew then I could keep doing it in secret. It’s way harder when you hold yourself accountable to others. I hope you at least reach out on the public BLE site with a fake name and at least get some support there. We are all pulling for you and wish you the best.

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      1. Jade

        Yes that’s right! I can just use a fake fb name. Never thought of that. My secrecy goes back to my childhood eating habits. I’m just too ashamed and embarrassed to admit to anyone I know. Having a BLE friend is no issue of course and I’m hoping for that to help make me accountable and so we can support one another. Someone that knows what it’s like and understands where I’m coming from (no one in my family would understand). I’m not overweight but I do and always have had a very toxic relationship with food. I believe I have an addictive nature as I do have other addictive habits, more specifically OCD/OCPD and have had many traumatic experiences throughout my life since childhood which lead to PTSD. I’ve always felt like a bit of an odd ball like I dont fit anywhere, although I hide it well.
        I’m going to take your advice and create a fake fb name and seek support in the online group. Thank you for your kind response and advice.

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        1. Bright Line Eating

          We love this! Thank you for being willing to listen and consider new pathways to support, Jade! And thank you Sherri for the wonderful suggestion! 🧡

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    3. Bright Line Eating

      Oh, Jade. We’re so sorry to hear that you feel this way. 🧡

      We never want finances to be a reason why someone can’t get the support they need to overcome food addiction within the Bright Line Eating community. In the past, our programs have cost in the neighborhood of $500+ for each course, with many people choosing to take a number of courses to refine and hone their program. The goal of our new membership program is to make the price more accessible and predictable so that members can pay a flat fee each month and have access to all our courses, rather than having to come up with several hundred dollars multiple times a year.

      That said, many people also choose to do Bright Line Eating without paying a cent. And you’ll still be able to do that! You can find the books “Bright Line Eating” and “Rezoom” by Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD, at no cost at your library.

      We’re also so glad that you’ve reached out here… and (as they always do!) our amazing community has responded with messages of support. We invite you to consider that this very act shows that you are not on the outside. That is a seat at our table for you, friend. You can participate at whatever level and in whatever ways you choose to, are able to, and are comfortable with. 🧡

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      1. Jade

        Thank you for your kind words. I wasn’t aware her books were available at the library. I hope they’re in canadian libraries too. I’ll have to check that.

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  9. Melody

    I went to listen to the vlog and at the same time my husband tosses an Amazon box to me. My book arrived at the same time. Wow! I can’t wait to read it.

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  10. Michelle

    I ordered my book weeks ago and it arrived today. Plan to start reading today. Went to local B&N today….THEY WERE OUT OF ALL THEIR COPIES. The past 2 weeks I’ve been in prep for Rezoom , I re-listened to my boot camp archive and re-read BLE book. While at B&N today I purchased new daily readers for am/pm and a new copy BLE cook book since I lent my mom my original copy and never got back ( totally okay with that since she is bright and released 65#s so far). I am feeling calm inside about this coming year and being Bright .

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  11. Christina

    Let us know when and how we can get our hands on extra FREE copies of the book to hand out to all the types of people that you suggested in the Vlog.

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    1. Michelle

      At ~24 bucks a pop, that’s quite an ask…

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      1. Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD

        Hi Christina, hi Michelle,
        I think hardcovers are 50% off at Barnes & Noble right now…that helps!

        P.S. — And, do what you can, when you can. If one copy is all that’s in your budget, get one. If not, check it out from the library. We all do what we can.

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      2. Jade

        In Canada its even more. $35 on Amazon.ca
        I cant even buy one for myself, nevermind gifting to others 😔

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  12. Phyllis Taylor

    I phoned our local Indigo/Chapters book store and they had 7 copies on hand, I jumped in my jeep and hightailed it over that and bought my copy this morning. YAHOO!! I’ve taken the Reboot Rezoom course last Jan/Feb/Mar and still ended up stumbling around but finally REZOOMED on Aug 11th and my lines have been bright. A few days over Christmas were not so bright but with the rezoom mindset I have been bright for 2 days and looking forward to the new year working on reaching onederland and maybe getting to the maintenance dance. I love reading books so very happy to have this book in my hot little hands. Thank You beloved SPT and your whole team for the love and encouragement you give every single day.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Yahoooo is right, Phyllis! Wishing you a BRIGHT 2022. 🧡

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  13. Kathryn Hancock

    It an exciting time. I ordered my book weeks ago, hope it arrives in time so I can send a picture in. Keep up the good work Susan.

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