Six Ways to Stay Accountable in Bright Line Eating

When making lasting behavior change, accountability is an immensely helpful tool. In this week’s vlog, I discuss six different strategies for implementing this during your Bright Line Eating journey.


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  1. Lisa

    Thank you, I really enjoyed listening to you.

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  2. Claire

    Thanks as always…I really have enjoyed a small book called “Mini-Habits”…which follows right along with your commitment contract suggestions. I’m finding it immensely helpful on all sorts of things I want to tackle for change.

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  3. Dina Grossman

    What about the Gideon Games? Don’t they fit into the theme?

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  4. Rosie

    There are some super ideas here but if you do not respond to accountability, what then? I came across Gretchen Rubin through a comment posted on a previous vlog and looking at her work I discovered I am a rebel and rebels are different. So if you are in the minority struggling with the whole idea of accountability it is worth a look at Gretchen’s work. There are ways for a rebel to develop/ stick to new habits and there are ideas to start your thinking about that on GR’s website.

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    1. Fran

      Rebel I am !! Thanks for the suggestion ! I read some of GR stuff but will check it out again.

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  5. Deb

    great ideas!

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  6. Amy

    This is amazing!!!! Great ideas!

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    Well done Vblog this week!

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  8. Ann

    Susan check Poshmark for another pair of your boots! I found a brand new pair of shoes to replace the pair that I wore for a fraction of what I paid for the originals! I also sold a lot of clothing that no longer fit thanks for BLE 😊.

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  9. Pia Weyer-Liphuijsen

    are those boots ugg joely? found then in a dutch webstore 😉

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    1. Pia Weyer-Liphuijsen

      or germany;
      joely wedge boot on sale 83 euro

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  10. Pat

    Thanks Susan, This came at a great time for me. I am a Bright lifer, so have been in maintenance for 6 months. I am within 3 pounds of my ideal weight, but would like to lose this 3 pounds. I found when you break your bright lines, it is not easy to get back on a squeaky clean BL eating. I liked your six ideas and plan to adopt the one where I give my husband the authority to ask me everyday if I stuck to my BLs. I am pretty confident this will do the trick.

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  11. Lauren Pool

    Thank you!

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  12. Karen

    Thank you for your weekly blogs. I knew I still needed some sort of support system. After doing the 14-day challenge, I have counted on the weekly vlogs to keep me going in the right direction. I have been successful and am still heading in the right direction, making good food choices, and sticking to my plan. You are very relatable and have a lot of knowledge that you share freely. Thank you!

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  13. Laura

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for being YOU, thank you for living your passion so that you can bless others! Love ya sister!

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  14. Bernadette Hayes Griffin

    Very interesting and helpful blog on accountability.

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  15. Ellen Grabowitz

    This is great. wondering what you think of “carrot” commitment contracts instead of “sticks”. specifically, using keeping your lines bright(or what ever behavior you want to engage in) for a week would be “payment” for getting a reward of some kind. For me, I have struggled with adding regular exercise into my program. I am thinking of setting up a commitment contract Fsays I will perform some kind of exercise for a week and if I do it, I can reward myself with something I want. For me the promise of a reward feels better than the fear of a punishment. Thoughts?

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  16. Tammy B

    good content. The word “integrity” got me!

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  17. Patricia O'Connor

    Great vlog!

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  18. Martha

    Is there any chance of getting a transcript of your vlogs? I am unable to watch videos but am interested in your blogs. Would be so nice to be able to read.
    Thanks for any consideration.

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  19. Stephanie Pusateri

    I found this video very helpful!! If anyone is reading this is knows of a sponsor who can help me in this new journey if you could reach out to me I’d be so grateful!! I’m halfway through bright line eating book. Suusan pierce Thompson was my professor at mcc for physiology of eating. She’s an absolute genius and I’m so ready to begin this journey to being happy thin and free!!

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  20. Judy

    I started the 14 day challenge over again & I was watching the daily motivational videos. When I got to Day 4 all of the videos from Day 4-14 were taken away. Would it be possible to return those to me? I loved them! I got to watch Days 1-3, but need Days 4-14.

    I started the 14 day challenge over again. I enjoyed the daily motivational videos. I got thru Day 3 but when I got to Day 4 they all disappeared. Would it be possible to bring those back into my email? I need Days 4-14, please. They were so timely!

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  21. Carrie

    I loved hearing about your UGG boots, as I live in Goleta (where Deckers, the parent company for UGG is located), AND my daughter works for UGG in NYC. Our family LOVES our UGGs, and I would be devastated if my favorite items were discontinued.

    Thank you for these 6 ways to be accountable as I have been struggling with murky lines in my maintenance plan. My weight keeps zooming up and down to the top of my maintenance range (and a few times popped a pound or two over), and I need something stronger to keep me on track. Planning to try a few of these so I can get back to happy and free!

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