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Over the weekend, I had an experience that reminded me of how important social support and our Online Support Community is here at Bright Line Eating. Watch this week’s vlog to hear all about it.



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  1. Birgit Peet

    Susan you are amazing. Thank you for showing up every time! I love you!

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  2. Amanda

    Susan, a great blog about having a supportive network, especially when we are trying to make beneficial changes to our lifestyle. Just one little thing to correct-yogurt is typically made by BACTERIA fermenting milk, not YEAST. 🙂

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  3. Sandy McNaughton

    YES, Susan!! Being a VIP Poster and a BLE House Leader is the BEST JOB!!! Up close and personal to watch this awesome movement of health and happiness unfold for each bootcamper….AND a chance to “give the love back…and pay it forward”. An honor and a privilege!!

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  4. Pauline Davies

    I am desperate to loose my excess weight. My biggest concern is that there are so many foods I do not like. Will it work for me I really do hope so. My biggest worry is that I am under an enormous amount of stress and it doesn’t take a lot for me to go off the rails 😞

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    1. Eileen Lass

      I have learned to love many new foods as my foods have changed. I enjoy simple healthy foods and my taste buds have healed! I don’t think you need to worry too much about it. When the food plan says “one protein” that can be eight ounces of milk or yogurt, six ounces of beans, four ounces of meat or fish, two ounces of nuts or seeds, or two eggs. There is so much freedom.

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      I understand desperate. One of the things you can take out of this pile is eating. Sit down and struggle with what you want Tomorrow for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cross out, fill in, until you have 3 meals you are willing to live with. Tomorrow, 3 less things to worry about. Look at meal sheet(s) and give in to it. Follow it. 3 things out of you stress list for that day. Then repeat. Give yourself a set amt of time at night to struggle over what you will eat. I take a piece of paper and put Breakfast on it following the amts of Bright Line Eating. Then I write, cross out, write etc. until MY Breakfast is OK. One down and 2 to go. Then Ido the same for lunch. And when finished, I do the same for dinner.
      Next day, no food problems, follow your sheets. It feels good not to worry about what you will won’t eat. All you eat is your choice.
      You’ll have more energy soon to deal with another struggle. But it won’t be food. You have a love group on line, use it.

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  5. Donna Drew

    This was really inspiring, that YOU would need support! I have a strong tendency towards being the lone ranger. That hasn’t worked in the past, maybe this program will help me to move into a new place of sharing my struggles. Thanks so much

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  6. Carolyn Stallberg

    Hi Susan, Linden, Marianne , Lynn, VIPers, House leaders. Thank you SO MUCH for providing and setting a tone in our Boot Camp and Bright Lifer’s support groups that MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BLE SUCCESS AND FAILURE. Ours truly is the only facebook community support groups that set a tone of respect, kindness, positivism, got-your-back, and caring that I have ever been a part of. We respond to one another!! Your comment or question or situation is not left hanging in the wind — it is responded to. It’s awesome and not just for Susan. And, yes, although it may not seem that way at time, Susan IS human. She has her struggles and she does post to get support. But, she’s not the only one to get support and encouragement, we all do! Come join us! Be more accepted and supported than you have for a long time, if ever. I have NEVER been this supported. Also, I have met fantastic, supportive friends through the BLE support groups. Some I’ve even taken a plane to meet; without disappointment! Yay! Love this capability. Love my new and continuing friends. Whatever your decision, if this is or not the right time for you, I wish you all the best. Oh, and you will not be pressured to post. You don’t even have to join facebook to have a wonderful BLE experience. Each week, there is a supportive, coaching call that you can just listen to, anonymously, if you don’t want to submit a question, or, if you do, that too can be anonymous. It’s all up to you regarding how much and what kind of support you want to experience. I don’t want to scare any one off with my enthusiasm! lol. xoxo

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  7. Dianne Jackson

    Susan, I’m new to this process and your talks have really inspired me to keep going. Thanks for your insights and for sharing your heart so freely. I’m also not a social media person but I’m going to get with the program today, at least for the duration of boot camp!

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  8. Yvonne

    I’m finishing up the 14 day challenge and just joined the bootcamp! It was my goal to dial in my nutrition this year (the exercise part I have down). I’m really excited to do this. I’ve gained a few pounds over the summer when I usually lose them, a bit of indulgence and over training (ultra marathon) helped to add them quickly. I also generally dread the fall and winter months because I tend to add a few pounds there too, that I then have to really focus to lose in the spring… but NOT THIS YEAR! 🙂

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  9. Julie

    When will you be running another boot camp after this one?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Yes, Julie! The Boot Camps will continue. This is the last “Food Freedom” Boot Camp. 🙂

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  10. cheryl coan

    Thank you Susan, I did the bootcamp in Jan 2017 and lost around 20 pds and have kept it off, this bootcamp sounds really good but I have found that I can not afford it at this time. Have fun.

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  11. Julie

    I just love how real, honest inclusive you are, Susan. I bought the book and am doing it on my own. I was just in the grocery store (still pretty exhausted form the hurricane hoopla) and I felt like I might not get out without buying something that I choose to no longer eat. It was a bit of a white knuckle experience….made it home without any contraband and feel relief. Thank your for your authenticity…sending love and gratitude <3

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  12. carol perfect

    What I like about BLE is I don’t have to do smoothies or juicing or eat foods I am not accustomed to. I grew up in a meat and potatoes home. With BLE I eat a variety of foods from the list that are … shall I say “normal”?. I love potatoes so I bake several at a time for the week and split in half which is about 4 oz. I put beans, lentils, chili, or fry with no oil (water) with onions and peppers, omelets with/without cheese, olives. Taco salads….that is what I like about BLE….foods I like and will eat. Am reading Intuitive Eating right now which a dietician has recommended to me. Susan, I saw where you also did I.E. and found you ate more. … I found I was doing the same thing. While I think I.E. may have great info to glean from, the BLE has worked for me. Right now I am a bit discouraged but will keep doing it the best I can. So THANK YOU! I think the boot camp would be fun but since I am not a group person I am doing this by myself so my only support is my married son who keeps praising me…I had over 168 lbs. to lose to get to my goal weight…have lost almost 30 so still a long ways to go. I can’t really talk about this to friends/family as much as I would like. I do get some encouragement from reading these comments though. So thanks. Good luck to all of us…WE CAN DO THIS!!!

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    1. Sue

      I’m in the same situation, can’t afford the boot camp and not being a group person. Listen, all I did was study the book and take notes, and IT’S WORKING. Today is 5 weeks and I’m down 19 pounds. If I can do it, you absolutely can! Yeah, those white knuckle episodes occur occasionally, but when they happen, think about what you’ll look like when you hit your goal weight. (Don’t let the old negative thoughts whisper you can’t do it–just focus on how you think you’ll look.) It gives me the reward I need to be able to walk past stuff I no longer eat. Good luck and God bless.

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    2. Helen Spingola

      Carol! You have the ‘perfect’ name for your ‘perfect’ comment!! So in tune with your feelings re: smoothies, juicing, etc. Ugh! BLE beats all the other
      diet programs in every way! We are unstoppable!

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    3. Terry

      How are you doing with BLE I just read your comment. Hoping you are following it and seeing successes. Good Luck to us all.

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  13. Michele Moore

    Susan . . . I so enjoy your weekly vlogs. They speak to me, and I appreciate your candidness in sharing from your experience. You remain transparent and compassionate, and that is a gift to all of us. I was sad to hear you say in another video (about the upcoming boot camp), that this will be the last boot camp. I had hoped at some point to be able to join you on this journey, but the cost . . . While it is, as you point out, GREATLY reduced for what participants are getting . . . Is prohibitive for me. I’m not saying this to whine, but simply to state fact. I will still look forward to the nuggets you share each week, and I will look into getting your book, so I can put Bright Lines into practice for myself. What a marvelous calling you are fulfilling, by helping so many.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Michele. Good news!! This is NOT the last Boot Camp. This is the last “Food Freedom Boot Camp.”
      Not to worry, the Boot Camp will continue, with the same core content, but different bonus features, well into the future.
      Thank you for your lovely message! Sending you loads of love, xoxo

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  14. Thelma Bates

    Thelma Bates Susan- I would love to see You on You Tube!!!!

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  15. Thelma Bates

    thelmabates33@ymail. com

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  16. Catherine Lahoud

    Thank You so much for your VLOG. I love listening to it. It is so supportive and real.

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  17. Linda

    When is the next 14 day challenge?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Linda. If you’re interested in joining the 14 Day Challenge, reach out to our Customer Support Team at
      Have a fabulous day! XOXO

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  18. Deb Johnston

    If you are deciding whether to do the boot camp do i! It’ll be the best thing you have ever done.

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  19. Jennifer Ganowsky

    I have loved the book and the videos and so wished I could do the boot camp! However, our car broke, then our dryer broke, and then our plumbing backed up, and all of this while I am paying for and working on a Masters in Math!! So, my sweet 25 year old daughter is being my support group and we started it together 4 days ago. I have already lost over 6 pounds! Only 120 more to go! I also have done OA and many other plans out there. I am completely willing to do this program 1 day at a time so that I can be healthy, happy, thin, and free!! If I had any extra money right now I would totally join the boot camp! Thanks Susan for doing the research that persuaded me to try this!!

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  20. Ronna Berezin

    Understand your program with all that its support means to you . However your response to the situation you described as threatening is curious on two levels : 1). the length of time you have been fighting binging( especially due to self described stress and 2)your actual definition of stress that throws you into a tailspin. In the light of recent tragedies in Texas , Florida , Mexico , etc. your dilemma pales in my opinion .

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  21. Margaret Terris

    Your amazing

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  22. Denise

    Completely agree there is nothing like this supportive community anywhere and I am so grateful to be a part of it Hard to express how invaluable your BLE Plan has impacted my life Think you are AWESOME!!!

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  23. Anne

    Hi There, Is this the online support community? How do I get to it other than in this email/vlog day? How can I access from my phone. Is there a link?

    I have an upcoming wedding on Friday! A major event, with cake and obligatory champagne toasts. What do I do? Just a bite? Just a sip? I still am prepping on my 14 day challenge.

    My biggest challenge, and the reason I gained weight is BUSINESS TRAVEL. I can’t control the menu at times when lunch is just served and I can’t control the sodium and how the food is prepared. Any tips and guidelines are truly appreciated!!!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Anne. Welcome to our website! 🙂 This is not the online support community. The online support groups are a feature of the BLE Boot Camp and are assigned as you go through the Getting Started Checklist prior to beginning the Boot Camp. As a member of our fantastic 14 Day Challenge, I recommend going to the website: for more information about book bonuses. You may also want to check out our growing communities on Facebook and Instagram. Go to: and

      Major events, holidays, and social gatherings can definitely be a challenge at the beginning, but over time, as your resolve grows and your routines are set into place, you’ll find it gets easier and easier. Plan ahead. Eat prior to arriving. Find out the menu ahead of time so you know what to expect. Bring your own can/bottle of sparkling water so you can participate in the toast and not jeopardize your journey. You can do this!!
      Sending you tons of love and encouragement! xoxo

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  24. Elizabeth daniel

    Other People Matter. That’s awesome. So perfect in so many ways. Thank you!!!

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  25. Denice Fisher

    I signed up for the boot camp on the 1st day of registration. I plan to start 1st thing Friday morning, before the weekend! I’ve listened to a lot of your videos & feel like much of what you say speaks directly to me. The Brightlines are what I need to keep me on track with a daily eating plan. I love that there is such variety of foods that are allowed AND that I will no longer be eating ANY sugar, which I believe I am very addicted to. The support that you talk about is also very appealing.

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  26. Sue Hesse

    I LOVE your vlogs! Thank you! I have been doing your program since June 16th and have lost 36 pounds! I am 68 years old and have so much weight to lose. I haven’t taken the boot camp but am very interested in doing so. I can’t take this one as I am taking a trip! Will you be having another one?

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  27. June Henry

    I was part of the first online only boot camp and would like to take advantage of the free full boot camp this time. Not sure how I do that.

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  28. Deborah Miller

    Hi All!
    I’m on Day 12 of the 14 day challenge. I can’t
    find the answer to my question in the book
    so would
    someone kindly respond.? Is the 14 day
    challenge considered to be the first
    2 weeks of Boot Camp? I sure hope so….
    Thank you very much!
    Deb in FL

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      no 14 day challenge is separate from Bootcamp. When you start Bootcamp, you are given some tasks to prepare for Bootcamp. When you finish all, you start Day 1; then you start bootcamp and are assigned a group=House on Facebook. I love the program; I’m on day 21. I also, did the 14 day challenge. The only thing that has not worked for me, consistantly, is the facebook House I was assigned to. Face book kept me out eventhough my name lists as a member. Very confusing. Otherwise, it is a flawless program. Only FaceBook is not. Good luck. Join us!

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  29. Christa Krideras

    Being a VIP and House Leader has been one of the beat experiences for me. Being able to give back and see others be successful is the BEST!! We House Leaders ABSOLUTELY LOVE our VIP’s!! We couldn’t do our jobs without YOU.

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  30. Linda Ragazzo

    Susan, you are so inspiring! I’m so glad you came into my life. Bright line eating has been life-changing for me. Thank you so much for your continual love and kindness as you share in this journey with us.

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  31. Kathy

    I start BLE on Monday and have a question.

    Dinner has the 6 oz veggies AND 8 oz salad. So is “salad” supposed to mean “lettuce” or leafy leefy greens? For me a salad is generally my lettuce tomato cucumber onion etc.

    So am I supposed to eat my 6oz veggies plus 8 oz salad which may contain additional veggies?

    Also, I had gastric sleeve surgery a year ago and I know it may be a challenge to eat dinner for sure and I know I can split it but is there a preferred stop time in the evening?

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    1. Jessica

      Hi Kathy,
      Essentially, as written, you have 6 ounces of veggies at lunch and 14 ounces of veggies at dinner. Some people change it to 10 ounces at lunch and 10 ounces at dinner, or some other arrangement. The important thing is to choose the amount and have it that way every day (such as 8 ounces at lunch and 12 at dinner).
      As for salad versus cooked veggies, Susan says produce is produce. If you’re not a fan of salads, you don’t ever have to have a salad. If you prefer veggies raw, have all your veggies that way! Personally, I usually do a 10 oz. salad at lunch and 10 oz. cooked veggies at dinner. My salads are usually 2-3 oz lettuces (I mix spring mix and Romaine), 2-3 oz tomato, and the remaining 4-6 oz cucumber, carrots, artichokes, and broccoli slaw. I then add my protein to it (I love hummus, especially some of the flavored ones (just check the ingredient list, as sugars are sneaky little buggers)) and drizzle on dressing and/or cheese and/or vinegar.
      To be clear, I don’t work for BLE (I just finished my BootCamp) but in general, the idea is to have your three meals, spaced 4-6 hours apart. In terms of the duration of your meal, Susan says that you want to try to keep it to the timeframe one would expect for a meal at a restaurant. That being said, you certainly don’t want to risk rupture! Personally, I find it easier to eat cooked veggies (volumetrically, they are more dense, so you get your XX ounces in with a lot less food than an equal weight in salad (if you don’t understand what I mean, weigh out 5 ounces of salad and 5 ounces of cooked broccoli, and you’ll see that the broccoli takes up way less space than the salad)). If you are in the BootCamp, you are allowed to submit questions for weekly coaching calls. I HIGHLY recommend you call in/write in with regard to your exact situation. It’s possible you may need to break your food into four meals, or some other amount than the prescribed plan. It may literally be too much for you and your body.
      I wish you tremendous success and lots of love!

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  32. Carol (nickname Caz) Verde

    I’m 200 lbs, 5’4″ and 52. I’m so tired of grazing, dieting, binging, and being obsessed with food. Like it’s always on my mind. I’m totally compulsive. I’m sensitive to wheat anyways, and sugar makes me feel like crap, (but I love it in that weird addictive way). I’m always uncomfortable around food. Digestion is not working right, I always feel at least a little sick. I’m high, a 10 in fact on the susceptibility scale. I purchased the 14-day challenge and the book recently enough that the book and my food scale hasn’t arrived yet.

    I cannot afford the boot camp, I’m totally embarrassed about my income, but the support team is working with me. I’ve never been a 12 stepper, tried many times, I’m not a very social person, don’t like group things. BUT, I’m going to do the Boot Camp, come hell or high water, I must! I just will not live like this any longer. I need to re-habituate, recondition, it makes sense, right? The offerings are so powerful, any tool you could need is here. I’m in!

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  33. Veronica Walters

    Hi , if I had already purchased the 14 day challenge and a book can I do it again? I got very discouraged and gave up after not being able to do it 100% and not losing any weight. I bought two of the books and continue to try and not eat sugar or flour but still struggle with emotional eating. I know social isolation and mood are an issue but the financial commitment of the boot camp is out of reach right now. Are there less expensive options to participate in the online support? Thank you for all you do. Your videos and blogs are very helpful.

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  34. Denice Fisher

    Please explain how to join the phone & online support groups . I am on Facebook but can not figure it out. I am on day 2 of the boot camp. Thanks!

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    1. Jessica

      Hi Denice,
      It took them about a week to get me set in my Facebook house. When you are in the BootCamp website, there should be a pulldown bar in the top right, with Support/FAQ; if you go there, you can contact Support if your house is not listed beside your modules and calls and so forth. All the houses start with an H, so if you see “Bonuses, Calls, Modules, Hxxxxx House, Surveys” on one of the pull-downs, the Hxxxxx House is your online support group. If you don’t see it listed, contact Support, though they may just be a little backed up.
      Best wishes!

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  35. Karen

    You are so right Susan! I just started BC (first time) even though I’ve read your book and was already starting to implement it since August. I used to be 230 lbs and now am 140, have kept it off for 13 years. So I am a successful weight maintainer, but lack the community to overcome my binging. I joined the BC specifically for the social support.

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  36. Rose Goggins

    How can I continue to read and share the above comments without joining the Boot camp? Thank you!

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  37. Alma Garcia

    Hi I’ve been on brightline eating since May 2017. I’m experiencing hair loss. Lots of it. Has any one else? What am I doing wrong?

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  38. Cynthia

    Do I have to pay for online support, or be in the boot camp?

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  39. Kathy Cottle

    Thank you, Susan, for all that you have done and are doing. I have been struggling with my weight for 47 years. I am now 57, diagnosed with diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia and a host of other issues. I am so looking forward to see how I can improve my body and also my life. I’m completing my check list as quickly as I can so I can get started.

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  40. Tracey Clarke

    Hi just finishing the book

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  41. Brenda McBride

    Sorry to write to you on this format but I cannot get in touch with you! I’m trying to find out about the “Daily Companion” and other things on your website. How do I do that? Just about to begin the program and trying to get all my ducks in a row!

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  42. georgina

    how can i load a 14 calander and all things that pertain to the 14 day challenge if i can only print from my job which i have no access to my email . I have already joined

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  43. Janet Del bove

    Doing 14 day but was not able to access Day 2

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  44. Diane Wallace

    I am making chili for the family with hamburger, kidney beans & diced
    Tomatoes. How do I measure a proper portion?

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  45. Amanda Settle

    Hi Susan, I’ve read the book and am ready to begin and start doing bright lines, but how do I connect to the support community? Thank you

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  46. Rebecca Martin

    I guess similar question as above.. Can I join the support community without signing up for the book camp?

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