The 14-Day Challenge

The Bright Line Eating™ book launch hoopla has officially begun! While the release date is less than two months away, Bright Line Eating™: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free has been years in the making. Watch this week’s vlog to hear the story behind the birth of the book, and my big hopes and dreams for getting the Bright Line Eating™ message out into the world.

*Special offers mentioned in this vlog are no longer available.

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  1. Laurie Moore Skillings

    Just signed up!

    Thank you, Susan!

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  2. Stephanie Molnar

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This is the amazing thing I have been waiting for. Susan, thank you. I signed up while still listening to your weekly vlog! Yes, I am ready to share this with friends and get you to the top of the NYT list, Susan. Did I say thank you?

    14-Day Challenge accepted! You go!

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  3. Lenka

    Susan! So proud of you, you made it this far. I wish you luck.
    I live in Europe and I really want to have the audio book but I am not so interested in having a hard cover book.
    Any advices? How can I take part on 14 day challenge and get an audiobook?

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    1. Kathy

      I bought the audio book on Audible for 9 bucks. Totally worth it.

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  4. Michelle

    This book has been on my wish list for so long. I pre-ordered it from Amazon in November. That order is now canceled, and I signed up for the 14-Day Challenge instead! When you mentioned the special price, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have to stop to wonder if my budget could handle the expense. I just signed up. Thank you for changing the world, Susan!

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  5. Isabel Anderson

    I am SO onboard !! Thank you Susan??

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  6. Beverly

    Thank you! I feel like I bought a book and got a course for 5 bucks. I support you and I wish you extremely well. HUGS, Bev

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  7. Stephanie Molnar

    HI!!! The maintenance food plan mentioned in the video is missing from the 14-day challenge documents. Can that be added?

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  8. Stephanie Molnar

    Oh, wait! Got it! Not a separate doc. Thank you!!

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  9. Cynthla Capone

    What are the dates for the 14 day challenge?

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    1. Jana Stewart

      I filled out the request for the book, clicked order, and up popped a screen that said I had to select a shipping option (I checked the shipping option same as initial address) and I can’t find that I missed a shipping option. Help.

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    2. debbi dunkley

      yes, i am wondering when one must begin and end due to out of country travel?

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  10. Carmel McGrath

    Im trying to sign up from Canada Is this possible

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  11. Stephanie

    I too am from Canada. Is it possible to participate in the 14 day challenge if I live in Canada?

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  12. Lisa Skelly

    Hi Susan,
    I want to order but it says I need to choose a shipping option but there isn’t a shipping option to choose, or I don’t see it.

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  13. Lorna

    I tried to order but got the message I have to select a shipping option. I didn’t see a place to do that.

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  14. Ava

    Also looking for a Canadian 14 day challenge option 🙂

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  15. Anastasia

    Susan – can we get the audio book instead of the hard copy and will that count towards to NY times count?

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  17. Cris

    I would like to purchase the 14 day challenge but I am from Mexico and there is no option for that. Please let me know if it will be available internationally. Thank you!

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    1. Sheila

      I also live in Mexico and just signed up. I changed the country from “United States” to “Mexico” and it allowed me to enter the State where I live.

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  18. Ida Tsui

    Interested in signing up from Canada for the 14 day challenge, with book included. Can you enable this?

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  19. Karen

    Hi Susan, I´d really like to sign up, but I live in Denmark, so I can´t fill in the required information? Is it only for people living in the United States?
    Thank you so much for all the information you share! You are a huge inspiration!

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  20. Dawn

    Awesome! Just signed up for 14 Day Challenge. Can’t wait for the book!! Thank you.

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  21. Catherine

    Aaack, you can only sign up for the 14 day challenge if you’re in the U.S.???

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  22. Jacqie Shartier

    A Canadian Boot Camper that wants your book, however only available to USA?
    Please help

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  23. Ruth

    I had requested you allow me to make payment using western union, am still waiting for your response. I don’t want to be left out.

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  24. Bunnie

    I want the hard copy AND the audiobook – couldn’t they both count?? I only see the hardcover book to order. Can we see a running total somewhere? I would love to watch the success of this book as it grows and grows!

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  25. Laura

    Would you please tell me a little more about the 14 day challenge? I’m not sure if it is a good fit for me. I have been a BLE for a while now and don’t need to lose anymore weight. However, maybe I will learn something new? Thank you so much for the freedom you have given me with BLE!!!!!!

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  26. Lourana Howard

    Well done, Susan! You are an inspiration! I’m on Day 1 of the BLE Boot Camp. Your preparation videos have been so helpful to me, allowing me to approach the start of the new eating style at my own pace. I’m ordering your new book through this website, even though I pre-ordered the first day I heard your book was coming out.

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  27. Sandy

    Just bought 5 books!!! This is exciting, so happy for you and the rest of the world! ?

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  28. jillian

    So excited!!!!!This is what I have been waiting for. Congrats on your book and this wonderful time in your life. As always admire your passion and sincerity.On board for the 14 day challenge and I know you will go past the twenty thousand mark and on to the N.Y. Times list.

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  29. Linda

    Is the Audio Book Version available to purchase?

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  30. Pat

    Hi, I signed up for the Home Study course and never got started. Can I do the 14 day? I live in the UK will you be shipping the book to the UK?

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  31. Pat

    Hi, I signed up for Home Study Course and never got started. Can I do the 14 day? I’m in the UK will you be shipping the book here? Thanks.

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  32. Sue

    Does other countries qualify for the 14 day challange + free book ? I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

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  33. Anne Hart

    Hi, I’m in Australia. Can I sign up for the 14 day course? Or alternatively order the book?

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  34. Paola

    Does free shipping apply for Europe?

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  35. Michelle W

    I preordered the book already but I know I will want so many more copies so I just ordered 3 more – one is for my doctor’s waiting room. So delighted to see Susan’s vision to help far and wide become reality!

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  36. Marie

    When I go to fill in the form to sign up it does not have the Secure lock. It has an i When I click on that it tells me this site is not secure. How can this site be secure and not the one where I fill in my information?

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  37. Louise Thomas

    Hi. I tried to order but not sure it worked! I’m in Hawaii on vacation for three weeks and live in Canada. Is that why? It save something about number total failure??? I wanted to start the 14 day program when I get home to Canada. Should I try again? Worried I will be double charged.

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  38. lidia

    Thank you Susan for the amazing work.Unfortunatley i ordered the book from amazon.
    What is exactley the 14 days challenge? Is it simmilar with the boot camp?

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  39. lidia

    Susan ,i would like to join 14 days challenge,and also can i get the audio book instead of hard cover one??

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  40. Beata

    Dear Susan, I’ve shared this link on Facebook and my friends are confused with the photo of this book – it’s a pentagram. Pentagram is magical. It is also associated with Satan. So I think You should bette use another picture 🙂

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      1. Beata

        No, I think about the photo, that appears, when I shared this link on FB: I’ve checked today- it is no pentagram (someone put me in confusion), but my first thought was : O, pentagram!
        It looks more like The Magen David (Shield of David, or as it is more commonly known, the Star of David) is the symbol most commonly associated with Judaism today.

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  41. Susan

    I’m a Bright Lifer whose life has been changed because of Bright Line Eating! I’m 70 years old and you know what that means. Slower metabolism and less energy and diehard diet mentality! Bright Line Eating changed all of that for me. I’ve lost 50 plus pounds eating delicious foods which keep me satisfied until my next meal. No snacking, no evening cravings and no exercise using up my willpower.

    I want everyone who has yo-yo’ed up and down for years and years to know what it feels like to be happy, thin and free! That’s why I signed up for the 14 Day Challenge so I will get that free book and help this book become a New York Times Best Seller so that the Bright Line Eating movement can be spread everywhere and help the millions of men and women that desperately need it!

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    1. Mariah Perkins

      Beautiful. I enjoyed reading this.

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  42. Tamila

    OMG!!! Very, very authentic!!! Made me laugh 🙂
    Will sign up. Good luck, Susan!!! <3

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  43. Flora

    I’ve just preordered it in Canada on

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  44. Trina Summers

    I preordered! When can I preorder the audiobook?! I love audiobooks! Especially read by the author!

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  45. Marie E Figura

    I took the last BLE Boot Camp course which was almost $ 1,000. . Do I get a free BLE book since I completed the course?

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  46. Catherine

    O!M!G! I can FINALLY actually afford one of your programs – and the help I so desperately need!!! YOU are a rock star, Susan, for offering SO much, for SO little! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

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  47. Susan

    Your book is preselling on Amazon for $15.96.

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  48. Mariah Perkins

    Brava!! Brava!! Woo hoo!!!! This is just great. I pro-ordered from Amazon AND just ordered my second copy here now. Heart to Heart thanks.

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  49. Tati

    If I’m currently down by a boot camp, would it be beneficial for me to do the 14 day challenge, or will it be redundant?

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  50. debbi dunkley

    Is there a start and end date to this 14 day challenge? Can I start in april or will it be over by then? Do I get to pick my start date? If it starts in February I cant do it. Sounds like a great option. Thank you. Oh, and I agree that if the cover is a pentagram it would be better to change…..I love your BLE symbol!

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  51. Susan R

    When does the 14 day challenge start? I have to say I’ve been watching your blogs for a long time and financial considerations have prevented me ALONG with some FEAR. I’m going to register for the 14 day challenge and trust that this will support all the work I’ve been doing with Ari Whitten’s program.

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  52. Savanna M

    Wondering the dates for the 14 day challenge?? Does anyone know when it starts?

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  53. Nancy

    When does the 14 Day Challenge begin??

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  54. Jude Eastman

    In my first boot camp now–but I wanted the book anyway! I figured the extra support wont’ hurt!

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  55. Sharlene

    Excited to join the 14 day challenge!! Two questions:
    Does the free shipping extend to Canada or are there extra shipping charges for Canada?
    Not sure of the 14 day challenge format. Can you start the 14 day challenge on your own timetable, or are there specific start and end dates?

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  56. Sue O.

    Yay…Susan Peirce Thompson…this is so exciting. For anyone out there who may be on the fence about Bright Line Eating please sign up. I am a Bright Lifer from the OCT. 2016 Boot Camp and it was THE best decision I have ever made for myself and my health. I am 60 years old…with decades of struggles around my weight. Through Bight Line Eating I have shed 33 pounds and I am on track to reaching goal weight before May. Invest in yourself!! You will NOT regret it. I am so so so glad I did! And I am so very proud to be associated with such an awesome organization ..Bright Line Eating!

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  57. Sharon

    Paypal link keeps redirecting back to video.

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  58. Kathy

    I’m very excited for the book. Is there any way for the ebook to count to help your numbers.

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  59. Lorraine Martin

    Hi! Wondering if it’s possible to do the 14 Day Challenge in Australia and would the book be still available. Any idea how much the shipping would cost to Australia.
    Thank you.

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  60. Chris

    Congratulations Susan! So exciting for you and actually for me too. This 14 Day Challenge and book offer are coming at a time when I really need some help. I have lost over 50 pounds in the last eight months eating healthy, delicious food but have lately fallen away from my plan and started to gain back a few pounds. I am so ready for this. Thank you! Enjoy all of the hoopla around your new book – what an achievement! You are such an inspiration!

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  61. Philippa

    The support centre link is not working – page isn’t redirecting properly etc. Have tried it through 2 different browsers – any ideas?

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  62. terrie

    I have just signed up for the 14 day challenge

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  63. Charlotte

    You are amazing!!! I want to forward this e-mail to other Canadian friends. We are waiting to find out if we can purchase this book. Please advise!

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  64. Dana Crowell

    There’s absolutely no doubt I would absolutely love to take the boot camp course I simply, regrettably
    cannot afford this program. Please, please send me a copy of your book so I may get started!

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  65. Charlotte

    Beata, The Pentagram has many good meanings. Check out Wikepedia. It has mathematical reasons for existence etc.. Here is text I found to show that in historical literature it has had a very good meanings. If someone misuses a symbol, that symbol is not inherently bad. I am so sure that Susan chose that symbol for it’s good and best meaning. We control how a word or symbol is defined. Fear of how others misuse it is our fear. Have your facebook friends seen this good material? Just sharing another perspective.

    Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory
    The narrator of Sir Gawain is very clear about what the pentangle (five-pointed star) on Gawain’s shield represents:

    It is a symbol that Solomon designed long ago
    As an emblem of fidelity, and justly so;
    Therefore it suits this knight and his shining arms,
    For always faithful in five ways, and five times in each case,
    Gawain was reputed as virtuous,
    (625-626; 631-633)

    These five ways in which Gawain is virtuous are in the dexterity of his five fingers, the perfection of his five senses, his devotion to the five wounds of Christ, his reflection on the five joys of Mary in Christ and, finally, five virtues: generosity, fellowship, chastity, courtesy, and charity. Wow, that’s a lot of virtue.

    The pentangle is an appropriate representation of these five areas of virtue because each of the five sides of the pentangle transitions seamlessly into the next. This aspect of its geometry might represent the way in which the virtues are interrelated, each area feeding into and supporting the other.

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  66. Katarina

    WOW, this was an absolute no-brainer! I signed up immediately 🙂 THANK YOU, Susan, this is awesome! YES, let’s make Bright Line Eating a New York Times BEST SELLER!

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  67. Cindy Hopkins

    If I sign up for yhe 14 day challenge, can I request the audio book in lieu of the hard cover book?

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  68. Denise Owsian

    I am wondering if the book contains the Bright Line Eating plan

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  69. Tanya Knezevic

    So, just to confirm, if we are already in the bootcamp, the 14 day challenge is not something that would provide anything additional or different? Or is it still recommended?
    Or, we would jus go to the BLE Book pre-order and get the book?

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  70. Ellen

    Signed up!

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  71. Michele Daish

    So incredible!! I’m grateful for you, Susan & it’s an honor to be part of your #tribe!!

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  72. Tom Abbott

    So, for those of us who have been filling out research surveys since 2015 or so – how about signing & personalizing the book? I’ll pay for it, but I’d like to see the autograph of a very-soon-to-be-famous lady. 🙂

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  73. Cherie Fletcher

    I just signed up for the 14 Day Challenge! I’m so excited and so inspired by you! You have changed my life! 🙂

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  74. Sue

    Thank you so much Susan! I will join the 14 day challenge. I watched your amazing videos last February and something you said really clicked and I haven’t eaten sugar since then. Now I aim to cut out grains. Thank you.

    Reply ·
    1. Sue

      !! – I meant I aim to cut out flour!

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  75. Cynthia Lynn Scott

    Thank you for this great opportunity! I have been using your info and am doing a year long experiment on my body…no sugar, flour or caffeine since the end of last September. I have lost weight, feel great, sleep through the night, and find my self smiling for no good reason most of the time. I definitely aim to purchase your book, but do I still qualify for your 14 day Challenge? With all my Love and Gratitude!

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  76. M.Lisa

    Thank you Susan! I’m so happy for the book launch! Folks, this woman is LEGIT. No B.S.

    Reply ·
  77. Ally

    Why does no one from BLE answer the many questions about whether the book will be shipped to addresses not in the USA????????

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  78. Emma

    Loving the 14 day challenge.

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  79. R

    If I sign up for the 14 day challenge can I choose when to start? I’m asking because I am already enrolled in two other courses right now in addition to a full time job. One of the courses ends in a month. That would be a better time to start if it’s going to take a lot of time online. Also, is it worth trying the challenge if all I need to lose is the last 10 pounds? Really want to lose them–but will the challenge address that? Will it help?

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  80. Laura Chandrasekara

    thankyou so much Susan, this book will change lives!!!
    i signed up for the 14 day challenge, but did not receive any email to my inbox. I enrolled more than 12hours ago.
    please help, i really need to do this.

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  81. Lila Hanson

    i totally want to do the 14 day challenge but i’ve done a boot camp – last year.
    can i still do it?
    i will pre-sign up for the book, anyhow-wouldn’t miss it for the world!
    does anyone know the answer to my question?
    love to all you bright liners and potential bright liners.
    you all rock!

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  82. Cynthia Lynn Scott

    Hi there! It doesn’t seem to be a secure page (no big padlock on the URL) when you order with a card, not using PayPal. I just wanted you to know that to see if I am correct or not. I’ll create a PayPal account if I have to or order from amazon. Thank you!

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  83. Kathy

    Hi Susan I have signed up for the 14 Day challenge, received your welcome video that said I should expect an email in the next few minutes. The payment has been received on my M/C from Feb 2. It’s now Feb 6th and I haven’t received anything from you. Wonder what’s up.

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  84. judi

    I have been having a similar issue. I paid for and signed up for the 14 day challenge and completed questions and disclaimer as requested. I did this on 2/3/17 and was looking forward to viewing the daily 14 day challenge blogs as I was promised. I have tried now for 3 days and still have not been able to view the blogs. Very frustrating. I have contacted tech support, who did respond to me within 24 hours, but they were not helpful. Advised me to complete all the questions, which I had said I had already done. Hope they get this fixed soon as , apparently , I am not the only one having this issue.

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  85. Kim Grevin

    Teach me

    Reply ·
  86. Sylvia

    Where do we access the blogs ? Need some help ncouragement

    Reply ·
    1. Sylvia

      Should be help and encouragement, Susan

      Reply ·
  87. denisse hernandez

    I’m so ready for your book!! I been waiting for months now!! Im so happy for tou and I wish you the best

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  88. Antoinette Mary Lincoln

    I’m sorry things aren’t going as planned: sometimes they don’t and it’s hard. Maybe, like me, you’re a little impatient to get big results, but I’m sure you will get the results you’re looking for if you give yourself a little more time. I’m not a saint at BLE, but I have found that (since July 2016 when I started) lots of automatic behaviours have kicked in and I have never EVER eaten between meals and I have always stuck to the meal plans. So evidently the system works. I really wish you’d be easier on yourself because as you’ve seen in the messages above there are often also lots of technical hitches when you’re dealing with so many of us on such a large scale. I wish you well. You deserve it after so much hard work. I’ve order your book and can’t wait to see it.
    Lots of love and PEACE!
    Antoinette Mary Lincoln – Italy

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  89. Debbie

    Can you start the 14 day any time?

    Reply ·
  90. Emily in MT

    I’m on Day 8 and feeling groovy! Thought I’d hate planning meals on the previous day, but it gives me so much more time – amazing! What’s next after we complete our 14 days?

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  91. Lydia Hands

    Hi Susan.. Avid follower of yours and this is such a good idea to get me back on track again.
    Looking forward to the book as well. Does this still apply even though I’m in Australia?

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  92. Diane R

    I accepted the 14-Day Challenge, began on Valentine’s Day (ugh!) and as of today Day 8, have lost 6 pounds. I am so encouraged by Susan’s videos and can’t wait to read the Bright Line Eating book. Looking at the bright lines as shields has helped tremendously. It’s not about what you can’t have (no more sugar, no more flour), it’s about being shielded from the ball and chains that sugar, flour, and binge eating become. I’m finally confident about the days ahead. I’m going to turn this 14 Day-Challenge into a 28-Day Challenge and on and on because I don’t accept a life of slavery to food addiction and living overweight and miserable. To anyone considering taking the challenge, do it! The food plan is completely logical and the hardest part is taking action beyond the fear of losing what you may be giving up. Just focus on what’s in store. Best of luck to you all. =)

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  93. Mary Ross

    Never heard of this before. Really want to do this.

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  94. Debbie Hill

    If I buy the 14 Day Challenge, is it available for me to repeat?

    Reply ·
  95. Leslie small

    Just watched your video. I had gastric sleeve surgery. A year and a half ago. Fallinf back into old patterns. Up 15 pounds.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Oh Leslie, I feel your pain. Consider joining our Boot Camp? Bright Line Eating has helped others in your situation. In any case, sending you a big hug.

      Reply ·
  96. Trisha Fadeff

    This is day 3 on the 14 day challenge. I am very happy with the foods and amounts are generous. I am slowly adapting to the program as I see so many benefits down the road. I love breakfast that is so satisfying and healthy. The fact that I am loosing weight is incredible but I am loosing. Thanks Susan.

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  97. Cindy

    I too just signed up. You struck a chord with me when I listened to you speak at the 2017 6th Annual Food Revolution Summit .

    Reply ·
  98. Regina

    Is it a 7day boot camp, or are their off day for say holidays.?
    Do I have to join the boot camp?

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Regina, The 14-Day Challenge is every day for 14 days. The Boot Camp is for 8 weeks. You do not have to join a Boot Camp when you’re done with the 14-Day Challenge, it’s totally up to you! And no, we don’t take days off; we’re Bright Line Eaters every day, one day at a time.

      Reply ·
  99. Kathlene

    Susan , just finished Day 4 of the Challenge. Am hanging in , some “servings” are larger than I’m use to eating , but I will continue through the 14 days – I will win this time.
    Have a question r/t food serving. I am vegan , regularly use nut butters as a protein , not an issue with BLE. However , on the food list nut butters are also (although a smaller serving) treated as a fat. So , if I have nut butter do I count it as both fat and protein for the meal?

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Kathlene, you can have the amount that’s a fat count as fat, and the amount that’s measured as a protein as a protein. But since it’s such a high fat protein, I wouldn’t rely on it all the time or it might stall your weight loss? Try some of the beans sometimes, a there are so very many… plus lentils… split peas… tofu? I hope this helps.. oxo

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  100. Julie Gast

    I completed the 14 day challenge a few months ago but am ready for the boot camp–I can’t find the link for the boot camp offer any more. Can you steer me in the right direction?

    Reply ·
  101. Erin Allor

    General question….I listened to the audio book and seem to recall foods can be eaten if sugar and/or flour is NOT in the FIRST FOUR ingredients…..Is this true?
    And also…what if I can’t eat all of the vegatable/salad portions at lunch and dinner..they’re just too much. Will this hamper weightloss?

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Erin!

      In general we try to eat whole foods, foods that don’t have lists of ingredients, whenever possible. But if you’re wanting to use a spaghetti sauce from a bottle, or buy a garden burger, or there’s some reason you want a food that comes in a package, then yes, it’s best to make sure that sugar and/or flour are not in the first four ingredients.

      As for eating all of the veggies/salad: first, it can be veggies or salad, interchangeable. A lot of people have trouble eating them all at first because we like to eat what we’re accustomed to eating and most of us were not accustomed to eating so many veggies before Bright Line Eating! You’ll find you get used to them, though. Also, if it helps you to do so, you can have 10 oz at lunch and 10 oz at dinner, as long as you have the same portion at the same meal every day.

      I hope this helps?

      Reply ·
  102. Meredith Minch

    Hi Susan! I ordered and am reading the book and I have a question. In Chapter 6 you list 19 names for Sugar and 8 names of artificial sweeteners to eliminate.
    Then we move to Flour and it says ALL flour. Are there different names for flour I should look out for besides what listed as a X flour (ie. Coconut Four, Soy Flour, etc.)?


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  103. Christine Escajeda

    Hi just signed up. is How is sleeve surgery
    different from. Bright line eating very interested thank you

    Reply ·
  104. Janet Michaels

    Hey Susan.. this is such a good idea to get me back on track again in 2 weeks. I just finished a 14 day workout on youtube: , which was fun, so I will now do this to finish the month off strong.


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  105. Sheila Lacy-Stidham

    I am on day 16 BLE, I have read the book, have been trying to find some simple recipes ideas . Every where I look tho you have to pay for it. I am not a vegetarian either. At this time I am unable to pay for anything . My husband was just recently diagnosed with cancer, so money is tight.

    Is there a website you can recommend?

    Reply ·
  106. Mari Shaff

    I hve already taken the quiz and bought the book and disc to listen to the book.
    I am on the 14 day challenge and I have a question.
    Can we have cream cheese, yogart regular or is that for after we lose the weight?

    Reply ·
  107. Linda Wilson Kincheloe

    I am a bright lifer and have been through the 14 day challenge and the boot camp. I am having trouble finding the 14 challenge on the bright lifers site. I thought every program was access’ to bright lifers. I’m wanting to do the 14 day challenge again.

    Reply ·
  108. Ellen

    I have signed up for the challenge and am completing the pre-challenge tasks. I also have the book, which keeps referring to the BLE Companion app. I downloaded the app (I think – it’s B-Life?) but it won’t let me sign in. It says my subscription to Bright Line Eating has expired and to visit the BLE website to update my account information. I cannot find a place to “update my account information”. Can someone please help? If the app is not available to us for some reason (even when we’ve paid for the 14-day challenge), why on earth is it mentioned over and over as an excellent resource in her book???

    Reply ·
  109. Frankie Jones

    I signed up for the 14-day challenge over an hour and a half ago. I received my receipt via email, but still haven’t received the email that allows me to log in to the website. When signing up, it said it shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes to receive. What do I do if I don’t receive it?

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Frankie! Welcome! So sorry you haven’t received your welcome email! Please reach out to our support team by going to and they’ll get you up and running! <3

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  110. Donna Palmyra

    I have had the flu since 8.13.19, and I signed up for the 14 day challenge a day or two before. I might be ready to start back today. What do I do? Very interested in the plan. So far, I have avoided, completely, flour and sugar. Trying to eat three meals a day, but some days I miss those three. Please tell me what I should do.

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  111. Bellinda

    Signing up!

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