Counting Days

Here at Bright Line Eating™, we don’t have a strictly-enforced method of counting days. Watch this week’s vlog to hear my thoughts on the different ways to count your days.

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  1. carol bild

    I keep searching for an answer to the question, can you drink coffee?

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  2. Cheryl Doely

    I have signed up for the 14 day challenge but now I cannot recall how to log in. Please instruct me on the steps.

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    1. Lynda Benoit

      I am having the same problem. I wanted to start 14 day challenge today, but “day one” won’t open. Help!!!!

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  3. Elle

    Great content, as usual. Also, that black dress really accentuates your beauty. Buy it in every color!

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  4. Lorraine

    Just wondering if I can do the 14 Day Challenge in Australia and if the book could be sent to me here. Thank you.

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  5. Marie

    When I went to sign up and pay information told me the site was not secure. I checked it out because I didn’t see the lock symbol. How secure is this site for putting my credit card number in?

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  6. Debbie

    Hi Susan, I haven’t yet started boot camp, hopefully in the next couple of days. I can’t seem to find any information about coffee and tea.
    Can I have coffee with milk while on this programme?

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  7. Sylvia

    I have not heard back from my initial two questions which are 1. How can diebities work in this plan. 2. What do you do if you are on psychiatric medications that cause appetite increas and sugare cravings. Hopefully you can address these two questions in one of your blogs. Thank you.

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  8. Bea

    I’m very thankful for BLE No sugar no flower, 3 meals and estimated quantity. Although I’m a ten that works well ffor me. I don’t need to loose the overweight too fast, since I have to follow these rules the rest of my life anyway. ? And I feel great with it. I have the date when I started, thats enough. I don’t like to plan or to be told what to eat. So I love the openness. Lots of love for this wonderful community and for Susan! You are all great!

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  9. Patricia

    Thanks Susan! I haven’t been following the program as vigorously as most, but was has been a consistent change is no sugar and flour! I can count the times I broke those lines. I plan on starting again with the Bootcamp in February and since the no sugar/flour is ingrained I can hopefully adopt the other disciplines ( journaling, menus, documenting ) easier. I’m just a creature that resists too much change at once, but moving forward!! Thank you for all that you do for us! And I have to say your outfit is absolutely stunning!

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  10. Tania

    Susan: Thank you for your vlog on Counting Days! Its inspired and comes from much experience. I just wanted to share what is really working for me as a perfectionist who has suffered greatly in the past around counting days. I have had years of back to back abstinence (around 7 years) AND I have had periods when I couldn’t put two days together. I am currently counting EVERY day from now on as a day I am in the Bright Lines Program whether I am perfect or not. This way I feel like I am making a life time commitment to Bright Lines no matter what happens. I hopefully will resume quickly if necessary, and if not, I will resume eventually. I realize this might not work for everyone, but so far it is keeping me happily within my bright lines.

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  11. Riadh

    no sugar no flour is good, but it will not be good if one eat big quantities of something, and if the meals are not set on certain times and fasting between those meals

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  12. Randy Diner

    dhank you-I am so glad that you accept that we need to do Brite Lines our own way. I do not count days. I have been off sugar, flour & dairy since starting & it has relieved me of food obsessions. I feel good about my eating plan-eating Bright Lines on week days-eating more & higher fat on week-ends. It balances out well & my weight is stable. Glad things are working well for you.

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  13. Cynthia Ferguson

    Just what I needed to hear today. As usual your insight is very validating! Thank You!!!

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  14. Josephine Darling

    Hi Susan. I love your vlogs. They are so inspirational. I am avoiding sugar and flour, and trying hard to limit my portions (not always successfully). I have ordered your book, so looking forward to that. The only thing is, I need to ask a question, and can’t really understand the link you have given us instead of Thank you Susan.

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  15. Cherie Dugas

    Thank you for this! It helps break the perfectionist anxiety that can often arise in me. Also I LOVE your dress neckline!

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  16. Linda Nash

    Thanks for this vlog, Susan! When I first heard of BLE, I gleaned from comments and posts on FB, that the main rules were “no flour, no sugar”. I immediately started on this path on my own, knowing nothing of the Meals and Measure stuff. I lost 22 pounds, at which point I thought that if I had all of the tools, wow- how much more I could lose! Unfortunately, once I had all the rules, through Facebook and the Homestudy course, I began to fail. I lost an additional 8 pounds, and then plateaued, and began to gain again. I couldn’t keep my bright lines. I thought I was just stubborn, rebellious, or maybe overwhelmed. Now, after listening to you, I have a new plan. I will not go back to Day 1, but count my successful days. I will also attempt to stick to quantities and meals, but count any day a success when I avoid sugar and flour. I feel so much peace with this new plan.

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  17. Gillian

    Bright Line Eating is the best. The support and encouragement just awesone and Susan always there with great advice. I can only be forever grateful for BLE.

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  18. Pamela Stetter

    I am new and finding the restrictions overwhelming. I am resisting the many requirements to preplan Every meal the day before. This seems very abnormal
    to me. I am trying hard to avoid the sugar and abstain from the flour but my lines may not be bright enough to be acceptable for this program.

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    1. Betsy

      I had similar experiences–decided to start small and escalate when comfortable, keeping it very simple. This day counting is a tool, we don’t have to do everything. If I started over after every slip it would be a continuous day 1. Cold turkey or kamikaze is simply a red flag to rebel. I decided to build a base of BLE habits slowly and steadily–its working! Foods I “thought” I would miss are slipping away, do not appeal anymore, now the aim is to break the habit of automatically buying them. Grocery shopping takes more thought–stopping to ask “really? and why? As menu planning improves and refrigerator reorganization improves this will go faster. I’m doing what I can and chopping away at perfectionism. I like the spelling and intention of Simply Rezoom–that really speaks to me.

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  19. VS

    Hi Susan,
    You are a gift to the world. Keep at it! Your dress is stunning on you,, suits you !

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  20. Sunny Day

    Thank you for your timely words concerning day counts. I never liked counting days because it did make me feel like a failure if I slipped. Day counting encouraged perfection thinking for me. Love the idea of redoing that day and counting my days of success. Have my starting date and “X” days of no sugar, flour and anything else I am abstaining from. Thank you Susan for helping me not feel like a failure anymore!

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  21. Missy

    I was blessed to have had the opportunity to live in Turkey for 9 years..some of the best years of my 30s and 40s! The Hodja tales are similar to Aesop, and most young people in Turkey know these fables. A quote I have taken with me from my life and love of most things Turkish, and the wisdom of Hodja–he tells us: “No matter how far you have gone down the wrong road, turn back!” BLE has been a great opportunity to go back down that road, but this time, one less traveled. Thanks for your hard work and inspiration!

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  22. Bobbi Murphy

    Hey Susan,
    Now that’s a dress!!! You look wonderful, slim, sharp and the neck line suites you! Great blog!
    Love ya,

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  23. mary

    I really appreciate this Vlog. After having squeaky clean bright lines I gave into temptation and wanted to start at day 1. Threw out my food journal and got another and started day 1. But it wasn’t the same. I felt like the last 68 days of BLE are non existent and not valid. So, I think it is a great idea to just have the do over day for the slip then I can simply rezoom and still validate my progress. That, my dear, helps me feel empowered and accomplished. Thank you Susan!!….*:)

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  24. Martha McCannon

    I appreciate this because I was in a twelve step program off sugar for 11 months and 29 days and binged and never got back on it because I felt like such a failure. To just count the next day would be much more empowering for me. Thanks

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  25. Catherine W.

    Totally irrelevant comment — but great dress!! Very flattering!

    Oh, and Horatio Nelson — you are kidding, right?

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  26. Horatio Nelson

    25.01.2017: BMI 26.8. 187lbs. Today: 2 boiled eggs 4 slices of rye bread thickly layered with butter.Big slice of apple cake. 5 butter cookies. 3 pints of black tea with milk. 4 slices of spelt and wheat bread. 2 big chunks of cheddar cheese hacked off a block of the cheese. 1 portion of paella. 30 minutes on stationary Training bike (370 calories). 5 minutes very light gymnastics. I’ve got 2 spare tyres: one in the car and the other holding siege around my abdomen. Regards, Horatio Nelson.

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  27. Maleena Brown

    I appreciate you embracing and supporting All of the people in this group! The method you have developed is Extremely helpful! I have found peace for the first time in my life since giving up sugar and flour. They were ruling and controlling my thoughts and actions Each and Every day! I initially lost 36lbs since this past August and although I still have More to lose, but I’m pleased to have maintained the loss which has been a struggle in the past. I have pre-ordered your book on Amazon and I hope that I will find more insights so I can continue to lose more weight.

    Please I BEG YOU…. Please stop the eye rolling at the beginning of your Vlog! It’s Very distracting and annoying.

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  28. Kate Cook

    Recently I started keeping a chart (like for kids brushing their teeth). I give myself a check mark if I maintain BLE for the day. I am now 11 of 12 days BLE, and it has been motivating for me. I figured I would take 30 days at a time. Seeing how many days I managed to maintain in a month would let me know why it was working–or not working! Just another tool. I found having to start over too demoralizing. However, to me, just skipping over missed days seems a bit too easy. This way there is an accounting of how many days in a month were BLE. I imagine I will begin cumulating them (maybe someday reaching Susan’s 96% of 5000 days!)

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  29. BP

    Just wanted to say you look beautiful!

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  30. Sara Esterkin

    Love your Vlogs Susan. Espcially love your total honesty. Whatever we are going through you have been there, know where we are coming from and admit it. Nice to know we are not alone.

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  31. Eileen Lass

    Susan, you are such a gifted communicator and this was a great message for me today!

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  32. Joanne

    5 year journals are out of stock on Amazon. Still gathering my tools and waiting to start. Will I be left behind if I don’t start day one until next week? Feel stressed about it and slow to get started due to first items presented work and my available time to work on them…Am I ok?

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    1. Sarah

      Joanne, you will be fine. Even if you don’t have the 5 year journal you can start if you’re ready with everything else. It isn’t essential for the program, but is a good tool to use for many people. For me, I never used a 5 year journal until after my boot camp was over.

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    2. Judy Anne

      I couldn’t find a 5-year Journal when I started. I found a 5-year lockable Diary at Office Depot. It works fine…just the same. Just checked, Amazon carry them.

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  33. Penny McPhaul

    Bless you Susan, you’re always so good at addressing the DETAILS we can get stuck in. 🙂

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  34. Christi Wallander

    I love and support Susan Pierce Thompson for the tremendous help she and her team have provided me. Thank you guys!!!!!!!

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  35. Goska

    Love your weekly blogs Susan! You rock!

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  36. Jean

    Thank you for this. I am very new in the BLE Journey and found the various options you gave to be empowering. I have always resisted squeaky clean programs because it seemed impossible. Not drinking alcohol is straight forward but food seemed far bigger. I also believe that food is a process for me after years GBS post op. There are things that I need to gradually change but I can commit to no sugar or flour ODAAT. The other lines will come, I know because you have told me that they can happen for me. I feel very hopeful!

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    1. Ajji

      Good. Good. Wise person. I wish you well.

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